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Our Guest today is Yvonne Blaszczyk, President and CEO of BMG. Let's start off with the BRICS Nations. Do you think they'll be successful at what they'll be doing, and how will this affect the precious metals market?
Joining us today is Larry MacDonald, founder of the Bear Traps Report and author of the best-selling book "When Markets Speak." In this episode, Larry shares his insights on the potential dramatic changes in the prices of gold and silver...
Our guest today is Roger Rosmus, the CEO of Goliath Resources, who will talk about everything that's happening in the market, gold, silver, and the economy.
Joining us today is Brian Beamish, a seasoned expert with 30 years in the gold and silver industry and former commodities broker. Brian shares his perspective on the current boom in the precious metals market, touching on cycle analysis,...
Legendary commodities investor, Rick Rule. Rick, the founder of Rule Investment Media, joins the show, and he shares his seasoned insights into the recent trends and movements within the gold and silver markets.
Jeffrey Tucker, the founder and president of the Brownstone Institute, shares his views on where gold and silver are heading.
A lot of people online are speculating and talking about gold as if it is just not going to stop, it's just going to keep going from now till the end of 2024.
Joining us today is Thomas Parilla, President of Parilla Investment Group. I wanted to start off with gold and silver. Where do you think gold is going from now to the end of 2024?*********
Mike McGlone, senior Macro Strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence, joins the show to discuss what the vast amount of tech layoffs tells us about the economy. We also discuss what asset classes are the best to invest in heading toward 2025,...
Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist at The Technical Traders, joins the show to share his insights on the future of gold and silver prices and predict potential rallies for both metals.

The naturally occurring gold-silver alloy is called electrum.

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