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Bear Markets always follow Bull markets and a severe stock market correction is long overdue. Bears Lair will spot, monitor and analyze the stock market correction as it develops.


Since the market crash in late 2008 we have seen investors favor quality stocks that pay dividends and have steady earnings.

GLD - on buy signal.

The US Dollar Chart below - courtesy - is whispering some very quiet yet potentially important messages.

Five years ago this week, an obscure little ETF called StreetTracks Gold Shares was born.

So far this week has been generous with our commodity ETFs moving higher, other than natural gas which is clearly in a bear market.

A retired friend, an academic in a field unrelated to the subject of economics or finance, recently asked me to tell him what I thought was happening in these (to him) surreal worlds.

In 1964 the USGovt introduced the zinc dimes clad with silver. They at least admitted the debauchery publicly. Now pre-1964 silver coins are all considered different, and valued differently too, higher.

Commodities continue to perform well as the US dollar tests the October lows.

On longer-term charts gold looks great here as it accelerates away from its recently completed 20-month consolidation pattern.

GLD - on buy signal.

The major US indices resumed their rallies this past week but that didn't stop the metals from moving higher also. It looks as if the US markets will continue higher for now.

With the US stock markets very overextended technically, my recent research has focused on this development's implications.

Dear Mr Bernanke,


I was sent an email with ten questions this week. That is nothing new but the title of the email had me a bit confused as to why I was on the list of recipients.

So far this week has been slow in regards to commodity ETF funds. Gold continues to shine while silver refuses to make a move higher.

Everyone is talking about commodities as the place to be in the coming months.

God love him, that Jon Nadler. He can make a sentence out of two words and has some incredible turns of phrase, as well as eye catching titles to his pieces.

It is foreseeable that once this period of willful self-delusion reaches its apex; the citizens of this nation will make their voices heard and new economic and political theories will emerge to replace

Last week gold's major new uptrend became established when following a successful test of support at the breakout point it advanced to new highs, indifferent to temporary dollar strength.

GLD - buy signal this week.

It was a more exciting week than I could have imagined, and I imagined quite the exciting week. Let's get right into it today.

With the steady stream of claims toward an economic recovery, one must do a reality check from time to time.

After India's central bank gobbled up half of the gold (200 metric tons) the IMF recently offered for sale, gold surged 2.4% on Tuesday to a new all-time n

Precious Metals ETF have gone wild the past 2 weeks. Last week we saw gold and silver prices drop sharply as it shook out short term trader's stop orders before breaking out and moving higher.

Silver Remains Very Undervalued

Things are looking good for the gold bugs these days. September and early October saw the (long awaited) break above $1,000.

The last week of October was something else. Heavy fiscal year end selling for mutual funds seemed to put a damper on good news and push stocks and commodities lower.

The gold option writers got what they wanted this past week and while gold call holders got taken, technically it was good for gold.

GLD - sell signal this week.

It was Mark Twain who said "there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Benjamin Disraeli actually said it before Mark Twain in different words and since then many more have repeated


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