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June 8, 2001

After its upward surge of late last month, the gold market was in correction mode last week - but not for long.

Did our forecast late-May/early-June 'fling' . . . come to an end Wednesday?

June 6, 2001

One of the more objective newsletter writers on Wall Street these days is the veteran Richard Russell who has lived almost long enough now to have lived as a young man through the entire Kondratieff winter of the last cycle.

Never have so few, lied so much, to so many, for so long. Me thinks Mr. Magoo will have this engraved on his tombstone if he's lucky. Heck, why stop there, this is the epitaph for the whole filthy, rotten, stinking system we live under.

June 4, 2001

Following gold's $25 rise in less than five trading days a normal correction was abetted by rumor that Russia might sell gold to aid Siberian flood victims. A Thursday rally was turned into a decline that extended into Friday.

Gold traders and investors who have wondered aloud in recent months how the yellow metal can possibly mount a sustained rally--an-look so good from a chart perspective-in the face of a rising U.S.

June 1, 2001

Andrew Harriman had just received his orders from his superiors at Goldman Sachs. He was instructed to keep the price of gold on the U.S. futures market below $500 an ounce at all costs.

An emerging consensus . . . against an imminent economic or technology recovery is occurring, and is perceived to be the excuse for the market's increased volatility of late.

First, from John Brimelow:

Indian ex duty premiums: AM $4.68, PM $5.32, with world gold at $267.20 and $266. Above legal import point, although showing understandable signs of shock.

May 29, 2001

On March 6th and 7th, there was a meeting of top Russian Politicians, Bankers, Economists held in Moscow. Sponsored by an agency of the Russian government, its focus was entirely on the U.S. economy.

Frank Veneroso recently put together for GATA a review of the current situation in leased gold and the current supply/demand picture for gold as he sees it:

May 28, 2001

In ages past, the money markets of the world used to obey well-known classical rules. Whenever a country suffered substantial current-account deficits, for instance, its currency faced devaluation pressures. is read by millions. It is our forum for gold, silver, and stock trends, theories, graphs, estimates, plus assorted opinions and predictions. Wonderful web site, and thanks to its suppliers.

A cottage industry has developed comparing modern America with ancient Rome and its decline. While I share some of the adherents views, I'm much too good of a historian to believe the past repeats itself exactly.

May 25, 2001

Last week gold broke through two technical resistance prices, and today fell back, as might be expected, after piercing the $292 an ounce resistance point. Last week gold rose $19.60 an ounce to close at $287.40 an ounce.

Alan Greenspan nervously awaited the results of the day's work. And what a day it had been! His furrowed brow and haggard expression were manifest tokens of the exasperation he felt. The day was Monday, October, 19, 1987.

Internal erosion became evident on Tuesday . .

May 23, 2001

As we predicted in last month's commentary headlined "May the Magic Month for Gold," the gold market has launched the bull market we have waited for right on schedule.

May 22, 2001

On Friday, I informed you that it was the BULLION DEALERS and TRADE that ran up the gold price after it broke above $275.

The price of gold exploded upward by $18.25 per ounce last week to close at $286.15 in New York. Why this dramatic rise?

May 21, 2001

As we examine 6000 years of monetary history, several very clear "Monetary Constants" seem to emerge.

May 18, 2001

Tuesday's assessment of the action as favorable . . .

May 17, 2001

Monday's hypnotic oscillations reinforced the nagging feeling that, Fed-wise, investors may no longer know what to hope for.

The global currency outlook as it now stands sends two powerful messages to investors, bankers and politicians the world over: a.) the U.S.

Is this what a post-bubble economy is supposed to feel like? Folks are still borrowing and spending, with consumer credit up an annualized 4.7% in March, revolving credit up an incredible 11.7%.

The readers of this website are certainly more perspicacious than the average surfer.

May 15, 2001

Gold price manipulated?

Conspirator theory rattles the market.

May 14, 2001

The stock market has looked positively serene recently -- but so, too, at times did Hollywood's patron saint of schizophrenia, Norman Bates.

NEWS-GURU Doug Gillespie Suggests Rate Cut Won't do Much for Stocks.

In my introduction to secular market trends I mentioned in passing that beginnings of secular bull markets (troughs in the stock cycle) were closely related in ti

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