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August 22, 2001

Due in no small measure to articles he wrote as a young economist, especially his 1966 essay "Gold and Economic Freedom" (reprinted in A.

August 21, 2001

The Honorable Paul Sarbanes

Chairman Senate Banking Committee

534 Dirkson Senate Office Building

The strong dollar is destroying the American economy and with it American society. The banking industry, which has more than any other industry a say in how our country is run, loves a strong dollar because it draws capital into the U.S.

August 19, 2001

In the year 1999 Daan Joubert, Marion Butler and Joseph Miller jointly authored an ambitious research work titled 12,000 Years of Elliott Waves and What This Means for the 21st Century (

On May 22, 2001 the Nasdaq reached an intraday high of 2328, the Dow 11,350, and the S&P 500 1315.  Since then the markets have been held inside of an extraneous trading range with April's lows marking the 'bottom'.  Although this range looks secure in the

August 18, 2001

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy this morning issued a press release about GATA consultant James Turk's recent discovery about the disappearing SDRs.

August 17, 2001

An EKG of a tomato . . . would be more exciting than recent stock market action.

August 16, 2001

Thank you for a mystery for me, but... No, thank you. It does not "rank high with any of the great thrillers solved by Sherlock Holmes", and... it is fiction.

Economics 101, Logic 101, Physics 101, and every other "101," says that what goes up, must come down, and furthermore, a balloon cannot be forever inflated, without it bursting. The way I see it, there are two bubbles or balloons.

August 13, 2001

The intermediate-term outlook for Durban Deep (DROOY) hasn't looked this promising in years, and long-term holders of this South African mining stock will not be disappointed as several key cycles bottom in the month of August.

August 10, 2001

An unrelenting grim report . . . from the Beige (or 'Tan') Book, spooked markets in a dramatic way Wednesday; though little of that should have been surprising to any.

August 9, 2001

Everywhere I look, it's the GDP! Graphs and charts about the GDP, and the GDP forever. As if the GDP means something important. I say it doesn't. Who cares? Why don't I give a non copper penny about the GDP?

Does lack of money cause depressions?

August 8, 2001

The opening quote in the August 3rd Grant's is worth repea7ting: Senator Phil Gramm (R., Texas): "If this is the bust, the boom was sure as hell worth it.

August 3, 2001

Occasionally stressed intraday action . .

August 1, 2001

From the flurry of articles and broadcasts not long ago dealing with ATM charges, one might assume that the matter was important. Of course, it isn't, because the ATM machines themselves aren't important.

So said David V., a client of mine who, if there ever was someone in the thick of the financial world, it is he. David, on a daily basis, trades the big stuff, for a large New York company. He's sharp, experienced, and savvy.

July 29, 2001

Letter from a Durban Deep investor: "I have a lot of money in Durban Deep 25000 call options I paid 160 with a 50 Rand (US$8) strike price. They are due to expire June 2002. I read a report [recently] that said gold could start up soon.

From 1996, the year Alan Greenspan declared stocks to be "irrationally exuberant", to March 2000 one of the greatest theft schemes in American history took place as Americans willingly followed one another to their financial demise like, like millions of lemmin

From a sociological standpoint, watching people react to the current economic situation is fascinating. The media is sinking even lower in my estimation as they continue to shill for the corrupt elite running this planet.

July 27, 2001

Tenaciously holding overnight . . . (guidelines for those inclined), the DB retained a very successful 'bet' on the projected final hour recovery Tuesday, continuing into Wednesday at a minimum.

July 26, 2001

The gold price began a renewed trend higher after registering a two-month low of $265.35 on July 5th, the same day the U.S. Dollar Index recorded a new long-term high. The dollar has since weakened and gold moved higher to close Friday at $269.90.

July 25, 2001

I get a lot of things forwarded to me by clients and friends, and I, in turn do the same to them.

This past December I wrote (Letter No. 276, "The Smoking Gun") about my discovery of a discrepancy between two reports that tracked the status of the US Gold Reserve. The Federal Reserve prepares both reports.

Each time I surf I am amazed about the amount of information which has become available on the Web. And not to forget the formidable search tools developed in the few years since the Internet came into being.

July 23, 2001



July 20, 2001

Rapid 'losses of faith' . .

July 18, 2001

In a previous column, I noted that if you lived in the west, and loved old radio like I do, that you could tune in KNX, Los Angeles, 1070AM at 9PM and 2AM Pacific Time to hear an hour of old radio every night, 7 nights a week.

The American economy will have collapsed before the powers that be admit there is even a problem. You have to admire Mr. Magoo and his comic relief team in their fetish like refusal to say the R word. Mr.

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