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July 16, 2001

The recent hostile takeover attempt between Sun Trust, First Union and Wachovia underscores a problem that will soon become America's worst nightmare involving a domino of U.S. banking house collapses in 2002 and beyond.

Don't Get Suckered Back Into Stocks!

July 13, 2001

Rescued from the putrefaction stage?

July 11, 2001

(I had an e-mail letter from a reader of a previous piece, who was outraged when I called dishonest Abe Lincoln one of our worst presidents. I e-mailed him chapter 11 of my book "Consequences," which covers the wrongly titled "Civil War," and Abe pretty well.

Monetary Sins of the West

July 10, 2001

The prices of gold mining shares and gold since our last Update (June 25) continued to consolidate their rapid end-March to mid-May upward moves. They tested their early June lows.

July 9, 2001

Tough Stock Market Will Get Tougher Still

July 7, 2001

The Marconi Crash . . . 'telegraphed' concerns that America's telecom woes weren't limited to this side of the Atlantic (in case anybody thought that was the case, which we can't imagine).

In last week's issue, we showed you what happens when the Dow declines 10% or more compared to the XAU.

July 5, 2001

But Deflation Argument is Not Real DeflationAre we getting off track? Let's review our expectations: we called for a Dow plunge in May/June and it's now July.

Most of us have insurance.

July 2, 2001

James Turk Sums up a Powerful Case for Gold

June 30, 2001

Fed reticence . . . was actually our preferred strategy for this FOMC meeting, as you know.

June 29, 2001

Hello all at the iii-community

June 27, 2001

The prices of gold mining shares and gold have been consolidating their rapid end-March to mid-May upward moves. They were little changed as of last Friday from our June 11th Update.

Of all the questions I am asked, practically on a daily basis, the most common one is, "When are prices of gold and silver going to go up?" It's a logical question.

June 25, 2001

Your pulse quickens when you walk through the door. There is that faint, but unmistakable, aroma of new car. The gleam of chrome, the luster of paint-even the pristine blackness of the tires. And don't think the salesman isn't aware of the impact these things.


After years of worldwide high broad based monetary growth (M3) many investors ask themselves in what direction the economy will go. Are we headed for hyperinflation, depression or will goldilocks come back soon?

June 23, 2001

Warren Buffett, the renowned value investor, is noted for his ability to respond to sellers of businesses "usually within five minutes" whether or not he is interested in buying that business (at a specified price, of course).

June 22, 2001

Huge financial losses . .

I think I've got the stock market figured out for this year. It's a quarterly thing you see. At the beginning of the economic quarter hope is high, Mr. Magoo cuts interest rates and the whore media chirps in; presto, a stock market surge.

June 21, 2001

There are so many non sequiturs going around these days, that one can hardly tell fact from fiction. Take the trite expression "Developing Nations" which was coined by some liberal apologist from the United Nations, which name in itself is absurd.

June 20, 2001

This picture is worth 10,000 words

…and they all spell: B-E-A-R

June 19, 2001

In his magnificent May 2001 issue of "The Long Wave Analyst", Ian Gordon quoted John Kenneth Galbraith and Richard Russell that sets the stage for the news of a rapidly deteriorating global economy now in progress.

June 18, 2001

One year ago we reported that the "War and Peace" cycle was forecasting war sometime in the 2002-2004 timeframe.

June 16, 2001

Key supports were breached Thursday (June 14) in several vehicles tracked by Black Box Forecasts, suggesting that sellers have not yet spent their energy for the near-term.

June 15, 2001

Is the economy in new trouble? Or is today's sobering market behavior just a cross between a failed intraweek rally during a Triple Witching Expiration, while the Fed's Tan (or Beige) Book Report was a little pessimistic?

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