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June 24, 2004

Gold is the first, and most frequently mentioned metal in the Bible, as at Genesis 2:11. From the beginning, it has been a noble metal, highly valued for its weight, rarity, durable non-tarnishing luster, shimmering beauty, ductility, and malleability.

June 23, 2004

In the first few weeks of writing my report on silver stocks, a number of readers brought many new silver companies to my attention. Nevada Pacific Gold (NPG) was one of them that stood out of the crowd, and was brought to my attention by one reader.

June 20, 2004

About 40 weeks ago, I produced a report on 17 silver stocks for  It rocked the silver stock market.  Every silver junior stock listed was up in the following week, and every major silver stock was down the following week.  Why?  Because for the

June 17, 2004

Received this message from a member of my investment forum who is currently on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange :

June 15, 2004

Last year at around this time we asked the question: "Has a bear market started yet?" We thought this was a reasonable question because the NYSE advance-decline line had been trending higher for three years and several important sectors of the market were clear

June 13, 2004

In an environment of low interest rates (low yields on cash savings), a Primary Bear Market, and higher than reported rate of price inflation, the single most important issue being faced by ageing Baby Boomers today is "cash flow".

June 10, 2004

Some may regard this article as a bit "off-the-wall", but I have decided to write it anyway. In the past couple of weeks, three apparently random occurrences have converged at a single point, and this stretches the "coincidence" argument a bit thin.

June 3, 2004

Of all the sacrosanct, everyone bow down and worship; the Dow 30 Industrials, are the stocks that set the trend for the stock market in America.

May 23, 2004

In general, when one thinks about support in a market it usually means the last place where there was significant buying pressure as in "the stock market pulled back and I bought at support." But the support I am going to talk about today is of a more stealthy

May 22, 2004

This article has been written specifically for those people who are grappling with the conundrum regarding whether we are facing an era of inflation, deflation or stagflation.

May 18, 2004

A tumultuous several weeks for currencies, bonds, precious metals, and energy. Exaggerated claims about a robust US Economic recovery have arrived in recent jobs reports. Nevermind seasonality lifts and assumed (imputed) new business creation.

From 1973 to 1981 the inflation rate in the U.S. averaged 9.2% per year ! The Fed raising interest rates during this time, on balance did nothing! Why? 

May 16, 2004

The correction from January was traumatic BUT this is NOT a panic sell area but a HUGE buying opportunity. In the case of the JSE Gold index it marks the final stage of the massive sideways base from April last year.

May 13, 2004

If one monitors the relationship between investments that have a high "beta" (volatility relative to the overall market) and those that have a low beta one would anticipate the high beta investments to point the way to the market's Primary Trend.

For many months now I have been spending many long, enjoyable and fruitful hours reading hundreds of excellent essays in the modern day equivalents of the public library.

May 9, 2004

May 5, 2004

According to the Financial Times, "the end of gold as an investment has come a little closer." The op-ed writer reached this conclusion in a 4/16/04 editorial as he pondered the significance of the withdrawal of NM Rothschild from gold dealings at the London Fi

May 4, 2004

May 1, 2004

April 27, 2004

Talk of deflation has become popular once again.

April 26, 2004

In the late 1960s my friend Eddie Van Andel convinced me that the stock market was a good place to learn about "high finance", and he recruited me to a business called Electronic Stock Evaluators (ESE), for which he worked at the time.

April 20, 2004

What I see in the following chart is a double top and falling tops and bottoms

April 16, 2004

For the past couple of years, the Fed and Wall Street have been denying the existence of deflation.

April 14, 2004

One of the most difficult challenges that I face as I talk to investors is also one which Richard Russell talks about and that is the concept of major change.

April 12, 2004

First we would like to clarify the term inflation and the cause of it.

We define inflation as the increase in the supply of paper money, or M3 in the modern world.

April 10, 2004

Employment Games and Other Silly Statistics

The New Value Revolution...

Same Old Misunderstandings

April 8, 2004

The Silver story is one that many will call a filthy rotten stinking scandal as the price of Silver has been illegally suppressed for so long, however screaming and make empty threats has not changed much.

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