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July 11, 2002

I would like to thank all of you that responded to my inaugural article, making it by your measures a resounding success.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson

If the Fed didn't exist…

July 10, 2002

The plain answer is NO, so you don't have to continue reading, if you don't want to.

July 9, 2002

Don't Be Fooled by Friday's Market Action

July 8, 2002

With each passing month, the bear market that began approximately in the first quarter of 2000 is making its presence more fully known on Wall Street and the economy with no sign of let-up in sight.

I extend a hearty welcome to my audience at the first university course offered in the 21st century on the gold standard, made possible by Gold-Eagle University, an educational website to offer you knowledge put under taboo by mainstream/establishmen

July 7, 2002

Jean-Marie Messier arrived at the pearly gates. "This is heaven?" he asked. "Yes, Mr. Messier, enter," came the response. Behind the doors, Messier saw flames shooting up and desolation everywhere. "Wait a minute...I thought this was heaven," he protested.

July 2, 2002

Fresh 4 year highs (nearly) in the price of wheat pushed CRB futures to new 52-week highs, as wheat bulls continued to try and complete a rounding bottom on the long term charts Monday.

The first half of the year ended with some curious excitement in the gold market. On Friday (June 28), gold drifted lower, looking to close down about three dollars at the $317 level on the nearest (August) COMEX futures.

July 1, 2002

US Dollar Index 80-85 Target

If stocks have changed direction, where can you put your assets? Interestingly, the flight to quality has been substantially delayed by hope. We all keep hoping equities will recover.

Doth any man doubt, that if there were taken out of men's minds, vain opinions, flattering hopes, false valuations, imaginations as one would, and the like, but it would leave the minds, of a number of men, poor shrunken things, ful

We entered 2002 with the view that the U.S.

Identification of the secular bear market in advance

June 29, 2002

I have long been a cycles fan. My background is in Economics so my introduction to cycles came through studying economic cycles. There is a branch of technical analysis that also studies cycles.

June 28, 2002

Marauding media muckrakers .

According to "supply-side" economics, the key to economic growth and prosperity is low marginal tax rates.

We have been treated to a whole slew of the late, unlamented, Arthur Andersen accounting tricks, which have left millions of Americans without their retirement savings, investment nest eggs, and future hopes. How tragic!

Gold market observers in Europe joke about it by saying: 'Good Morning America!' or 'You can set your watch by it'. What happens when New York wakes up? Generally, the price of gold falls.

June 27, 2002

We've received several e-mails expressing concern over the passage of a new law in South Africa that aims at transforming the country's mining industry by giving the government control of mineral rights.

June 26, 2002

As the morals of this world continue to careen downhill like a hippopotamus on Rollerblades attempting to negotiate Lombard Street in the dark, one can only thank one's lucky stars that those beacons of probity and virtue, CEOs of public companies, are in a pos

June 25, 2002

With all the insanity currently going on why not add in a near miss from an asteroid last Friday? Now, wouldn't that have made for an interesting stock market day! Speaking of the stock markets, they don't seem to be doing too well since Memorial Day do they?

This is a BIG bear market!

June 24, 2002

Are you a villain or just naïve?

Question put to George Gilder by

one of his subscribers.

June 21, 2002

It's a sure thing I'm tellin yer,' said the man again and again, bringing his face close to Ed Thatcher's face and rapping the desk with his flat hand.

Paperman was rich. He had influence beyond most imaginings. He was revered everywhere in America. Paperman's tentacles extended into everyone's life, be they rich or poor.

June 20, 2002

Concurrent with the bear market in stocks is a rapidly developing bear market in the U.S. dollar index and a slowly deteriorating economy. This potent 1-2-3 combination will make its effects known greatly this year, especially in the August-November timeframe.

June 19, 2002

Yes, careful, it could be that time on Wall Street when the proverbial watch that doesn't work actually gives the correct time… bring out the bananas, it's gonna be a party... a short one, but maybe it'll be fun.

It's hard for me to believe I have eighty essays covering a four year period here at Hopefully, it's not hard for you to have read all of them, as I have enjoyed writing them.

June 18, 2002

Lets Get this Capitulation Thing Over with so the Bull Will Return

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