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March 18, 2005

Ceasar was supposed to be a god. Julias Caesar was killed on the Ides of March. (March 15th)

Today, we don't make men gods. Instead society has made our financial system into a false god.

In the 20th Century, the U.S. dollar became the world's reserve currency because it was the coin of the world's leading economy. In the "Bizzaro" 21st Century economy, this causality has reversed. Today, the primary reason the U.S.

March 17, 2005

The saga of the Hunt Brothers, or at least two of the 15 kids by several marriages and liaisons of the old man, H.L Hunt, of necessity must begin with the father. H.L. Hunt was born in Illinois, and left home at age 16.

Letter to a critic of my deflation theory

Dear Mr. East,

March 15, 2005


March 14, 2005

In simple terms:

Force short dated yields up at a faster pace than long dated yields.

This will:

March 11, 2005

Silver has a long history of being used as money. Early in the book of Genesis, there are examples of the importance of silver. Silver is valuable as both a metal of commerce and a metal of industrial application.

Today, with the release of January's $58.3 billion dollar trade deficit (the second worst monthly result on record), the enormity of the imbalance was once again overshadowed by the rhetoric immediately following its release.


For non subscribers and those new to my commentaries, here is a recap of what is happening with gold and gold stocks.

March 10, 2005

Something about the markets has been worrying me at a subconscious level over the past few weeks. There are too many "obvious" signals being given - of which the following are but a few:

March 9, 2005

Caveat: This article has been written by way of a "brainstorm session" of a type that is typically used in Corporate strategic planning sessions.

With oil prices consolidating above $50 per barrel, forming a base upon which future price increases will likely be built, there is no shortage of Pollyannas willing to dismiss the toll higher oil prices will exact on the U.S. economy.

March 8, 2005

According to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway annual report, which is hot off the presses, the world’s most successful investor made $1.8 billion on his foreign exchange bet against the dollar last year.

When confronted with complaints about the falling value of the dollar, the U.S. official is said to have responded to his European visitors: "The dollar is our currency, but it's your problem." That was in 1971.

March 7, 2005

Summary for the busy executive

March 5, 2005


March 4, 2005

It certainly was a dramatic front page for the most recent issue of MacLean's Canada's weekly magazine (Canada's version of Time/Newsweek).

Seems like gold has probably bottomed relative to commodities

March 2, 2005

The fact that so many gold commentators are at present so "definite" about gold's impending rise has caused me to stop and think about the subject from base principles. This approach often serves to allow one to clear one's thinking.

In early morning trading the U.S dollar rallied in anticipation that Alan Greenspan's Congressional testimony would include an upbeat forecast for the U.S. economy and hope for a narrowing of its fiscal and trade imbalances.

March 1, 2005

Never in my twenty years of observing the markets have so many clear strong signals been presented for view. They cover the entire spectrum. They span the globe. They are worth a quick review. It will be difficult to maintain order in their flow.

February 27, 2005

A consensus is building among market observers that bonds defy all logic. The falling dollar should make dollar bonds fall, too. After all, bondholders stand to lose a large part of the value of their original investment as a result of the depreciating dollar.

February 26, 2005


February 24, 2005

The P&F chart below - which gave an important "buy" signal this week - has been a priority object of my scrutiny for some months

February 22, 2005

Below is an extract from a commentary posted at on 5th February 2005.

February 18, 2005

After some tinkering around with time periods, the following daily bar chart of the ratio of $GOLD:$CRB started to reveal a couple of its underlying secrets.

February 14, 2005

Letter to a reader commenting on my criticism of Mises

Dear Mr. West:

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