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Absolutely Nothing is Fixed and More Spending on Programs!

June 17, 2013

“Absolutely nothing” has been fixed in the past 5 years in the United States and many believed that “change” was possible.  Didn’t someone say America is going to have a new, friendlier more approachable I.R.S.?  Didn’t someone say that the warrantless wiretaps under George W. Bush crossed the line between protecting our national security and eroding the civil liberties of American citizens?  Didn’t someone state that the war on terror is over?  Now our government has spent 1.6 billion to build another program operated by the N.S.A. which will cost 80 million a year to read, listen and watch Americans so our government can find supposedly find terrorists.  Now information leaked states that the N.S.A. has 8 million U.S. citizens cited as “Main Core” threats and in the event martial law these threats will be rounded up and placed in detention centers.   It’s simply Orwellian!  That is 3 of 100 people you and I quite probably know, maybe even me for writing this!  Another wasteful, ludicrous program that will do “absolutely nothing” to root out terrorists in the U.S. but it will accomplish a lot more.  It will    get you arrested for seeking the truth, speaking your mind and bankrupt us all!   

Again we see the preponderance of government departments and endless programs are proven to be failures.  The government’s answer is to develop more worthless departments, programs and hire more government employees that produce “absolutely nothing”.  We are told that it is for your own safety, for your own good and we know what needs to be done.  Then they’ll just print more money to pay for all these departments, programs and employees while spewing forth more regulations in an attempt to convince everyone that all is well in the “Magic Kingdom”!  I guess if you are going to go bankrupt anyway one just as well go for the gold and go the biggest!

Did you know that Timothy Geithner allowed China to buy U.S. bonds from the U.S. Treasury without even succumbing to the normal bond bidding through Wall Street?  Now China isn’t even abiding to the maximum limits that were set but are buying all they can and Wall Street and stock owners love it and timid Timmy did “absolutely nothing” to stop them.  Will Americans someday be working for the Chinese extracting natural resources for them at slave labor rates?   China is buying the U.S. and controlling us.  Does this bother anyone?  Should it be any surprise that China just bought Costa Rica! 

Listening to our great and good Chairman Bernanke, the fact is that the central banks have only one hand to play unless they roll over for a currency reboot.  They must keep the banking system solvent while closing the gap between government spending and revenues by selling and purchasing Treasury bonds.  They also must keep interest rates near zero levels while suppressing challenges to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, all the while keeping up this ruse that inflation is in check.  Then there is also population oversight and control, gun registration, gold and silver registration and quite obviously what follows registration is always confiscation of both.  It has happened in every country at one time or another and I have explained in the past that Houston and Chicago already are requiring gold and silver registration.

Since 2008, trillions have been pumped into the global financial system.  Interest rates have been near zero for years and no one cares what they spend or how much money they give away.  Budget, what’s that?  The effects that these policies have had are unapparent.  The populace is not thriving but hanging on by their nails as savings have plunged, economic activity  slowed, businesses continue to close, foreclosures will continue as more jobs are moved out of the country never to return and more souls are forced into a cart pulled by fewer and fewer.  The unemployment rate is reported as 7.8% by the bought media, yet one should recognize that the effective unemployment rate is closer to 25% and possibly higher.  Now the number of government jobs grows while producing “absolutely nothing” and the private sector shrinks at an unprecedented rate.  Even our local newspaper is reporting that within the next decade our unemployment rate could easily reach 75%.  Budget deficits cannot be even temporarily constrained as shown during the recent “Sequestration” and continue to grow at levels that cannot be funded through traditional means such as our countrymen’s earned income.

Chairman Bernanke is committed to counterfeiting until all the world nations collapse their currencies in unison and the rest of the world decides they won’t trade their goods and services for counterfeit play “Monopoly dollars”.   Then all will want gold and silver but then it will be impossible to secure, you will have been too late to the table and be forced to forage for scrapes.  I hope you still have a job and food stockpiled because there won’t be even food stamps for the unemployed.   

Few even grasp, nor believe that a tsunami is moving towards our shores with a destructive path our government has set us on.  I have oft repeated myself by sounding the warnings and am dismissed as “extreme”.  Everything is not “OK” and saying so will not make it so.  We have accepted globalization our politicians answer to our problems and it has destroyed us.  We build “absolutely nothing”, make nothing and produce little to satiate the worlds growing food needs and China has there eyes of “Green Greed” settled on our fields in the Midwest.

China or Russia will secure the position as the new reserve currency nation as they are net producers of gold, huge importers of gold nationally and are both busy buying our Treasury bonds.  This would mark the end of paper fiat money and be a good thing to trade our current system for one based on sound money backed by gold.  I imagine it would even make saving ones money a popular thing again as, ones savings would rise in value instead of falling when saved.

So what could the leading Federal Reserve Bank do to re-establish themselves as the reserve currency of the world?  They would attempt to get all of the constituent central banks to do what you are doing and print paper in unison, which they have done.  Next they could raise our gross domestic product which at this point is virtually impossible based on the fact that we have literally transferred a million jobs out of the U.S. in the past 20 years.  So printing is the policy of the G-20 nations.  B_ _ _  Boy Bernie will continue to manipulate stocks and bonds higher with his nonsensical policy until he can duck out the door in early 2014 before the roof caves in.   

Americans repeatedly clamor for the government to unshackle our economy and grow our markets but they do “absolutely nothing” right.  Clearly the banks won’t stop to save the common man pain, at least not yet.  They will continue to report through their media that we have recovered 65% of our lost net worth from 2008, repeatedly state that the economy is starting to add jobs and continue their din that the housing market has rebounded with their fixed low interest rates.  Despite their sham record of unmistakable failure, the powerful won’t give up the gravy train that comes through printing money.  It is in their DNA and they apparently are continuing full speed ahead with their mantra. 

It shouldn’t be too confusing, unless one has the brain of a petunia, when one sees the Dow Jones Transports and Utilities going up with all other popular indexes. These indexes with their paper stocks, paper mutual funds and bonds are at increasingly at near all-time highs, yet unemployment and financial hardships abound.  Are you one of the herd that believe in their game because the couch is cushy and stuffed with its easy money?  The narratives they keep repeating are merely the requirement to keep flooding the markets with liquidity.   I assure you the end is near and more will be stolen from the man who does “absolutely nothing”.  The market may well reach 16,000 while employees of many companies exercise their options to sell.  The naive investor is going to get sucked in further before the rug is pulled out from under him and being tone deaf to the oncoming train wreck he will be unable to exact oneself from the market before the collapse.  Human suffering will be magnified tenfold when the average investor discovers all is lost, their paper stocks, paper pensions, paper 401k’s or IRA’s, paper benefits and paper money.  Home values will again vanish overnight, businesses will come to a standstill and the world will stop as banks close and the stock market closes until the situation is sorted out.     

As with the rain that causes sinkholes, this monetary rain is also acidic.  It erodes the very economic foundations upon which we stand.  Until then life will go on for us, as the economy lumbers listless, barely breathing as shell game continues.  Is there but no choice for the commoner but to follow along with the elitist’ plans for world control and do “absolutely nothing”?  It should be unnerving to the masses to know that the economic ground under ones feet could collapse into a global sinkhole at any moment.

The citizenship needs to focus on accumulating real assets as their only hope for solid ground. All nations like ours produce “absolutely nothing” of value, just paper dollars by virtue of an endless operating printing press.  I will continue to inform, educate and entice citizens to protect your family with solid assets of gold and silver before you awaken to the hysteria and it is too late!  Again I say, protect your family now by purchasing gold or silver.  The door has closed and the window will shut if you do “absolutely nothing”.

Roxanne Lewis is a precious metals broker and business woman in western Colorado dedicated to educating others to protect themselves and their family’s assets.  She writes weekly articles on her precious metals website  and encourages you to visit her website featuring prices from the COMEX at just 1.25% and less.  No fee for buy backs. She may be reached @ [email protected]

Roxy Lewis writes articles at  a Better Business A+ rated reputable brokerage offering silver and gold at transparent pricing at just 1% or less commission. I hold a B.S. Degree from Iowa State University and 35 years’ experience in human resources, management, investments, personal property development and entrepreneurial business development. I write to awaken and educate the populace to become self-sufficient and abandon and remove themselves from a failing system in order to defend and preserve their life’s assets.

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