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Andy Schectman, Lee Freeman: Sunday Gold Spike The Result Of Shift To Gold Over Treasuries

December 6, 2023

Following the spike in gold and #silver prices on the far east open in Asia on Sunday night, both metals have sold off through Monday and Tuesday.

Which perhaps doesn't come as the most surprising outcome, especially given the rapid recent rise in both metals prices. Yet while the gold price is off its new all-time high as of Tuesday, it's worth considering what has driven gold and silver to its recent levels, and whether that dynamic is likely to persist.

In today's show Andy Schectman and Lee Freeman talk about the recent trading action, and the underlying drivers behind it. Andy talks about how we're continuing to see a significant shift of large treasury buyers who are re-considering whether US debt truly is still the safe haven asset, and are turning more and more to gold as a replacement.

Andy and Lee also talk about the de-dollarization movement that continues to move away from US assets. As well as how even US citizens are becoming more concerned about central bank digital currencies, bail-ins, and other policy shifts that leave them wanting their money free from banking and counter-party risk.

So to get the latest insight into the trends driving the gold and silver markets, click to watch this video now!

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