Central Bankers Meet In Basel – Word Is ‘PUMP’!

July 2, 2016

Some 30 – 60 Central Bankers met in Basel, Switzerland last weekend (June 25-26) to coordinate policies after the BREXIT vote. Yes, our global markets are now controlled, monitored, and rigged by these global CENTRAL planners (operating behind closed doors). Today, this is possible as we live with cyber money (mere digits in our computer screens as our money) and this allows ‘Central’ computer control centers to monitor and manipulate all markets with the click of a computer mouse. Mr. Jaime Caruana, General Manager, of the Bank for International Settlements is now promoting more ‘Centralization’ over the global markets so that coordinated polices of our private Central Banks can align, rig, and manipulate our market prices and asset values (mostly everywhere).

Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland! Our Central Bank for all Central Banks (called the BIS)! It’s now the headquarters for our global Central Planners! http://www.bis.org

The leader of the global ‘coordination’ (rigging) polices appears to be Mr. Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of England. We can assume that our Central Banker, Janet Yellen, and the Central Banker of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda, and the Central Banker of Europe, Mario Draghi, will follow the lead of this coordinator from England and his closed-door (secret) advisers. In fact, all Central Bankers who belong to the BIS control system will follow the lead of those (the few) who desire to coordinate and control global events from their Central computer control centers. The policy mindset (of our Central Planners) is now to create a global Central control center for our entire planet so that all Central Bankers comply with the wishes of the few who desire to monitor and control monetary policies for the entire planet.

Central Banker from England, Mark Carney, appears to be the key elite who monitors and then coordinates our planet’s commerce and monetary issues! Who can discern his inner mindset? http://www.fsb.org/about

The language of our Central Bankers is meant to confuse the public but send a direct message to those in control what needs to be done. For example (read this) from the BIS website: “There is an urgent need to rebalance policy in order to shift to a more robust and sustainable global expansion and address accumulated vulnerabilities, the BIS, writes, calling for prudential, fiscal and structural polices to play a greater role.” These words are meant to send a message to the other control centers on what needs to be done to continue the policies of our global Central Planners. The meetings in Basel and Lucerne are not meant to inform the general marketplace but to confuse traders and investors so that control policies can be used more effectively. Visit: http://www.bis.org for more info on the Central Bank of all Central Banks called the BIS.

William Dudley, from the New York Fed, is likely another key elite who affects global monetary policy from his behind closed-door venues! http://www.nyfed.org

The Financial Times published a few key words from Mario Draghi on June 29 which reveal the mindset of what was discussed in Basel last weekend. Draghi urges central banks to “align policy aims going forward” (page 7 under International section). FT then says:  “Draghi has called on economic officials from around the world to join forces and align their policymaking decisions, saying a shift towards a more global view would prevent some of the worst side effects of aggressive monetary easing by central banks.” These are code words for coordinating all monetary polices so as to PUMP (or ‘dump’ markets everywhere). Did you watch the markets these past five days since the BREXIT? What happened?

Mario Draghi, another key elite central planner, operating from Frankfurt, Germany and the European Central Bank! What is hidden within his inner thinking? http://www.ecb.europa.eu/home/html/index.en.html

Even though our global economy is slowing to a crawl in many areas, our stock markets were PUMPED up every day to camouflage this slowing and mislead our traders and investors as to what is reality. What corruption I witness at the highest levels of commerce today. Few, however, follow the SOURCE of all this corruption (our Central Bankers and their hidden advisers). The meetings in Basel and Lucerne, Switzerland, are not meant for the public or our traders/investors to comprehend. These meetings are BEHIND closed doors with no reporting by the media. The speakers, like Mr. Draghi, after the event do reveal some of their strategy, however. Watch out for a global central policy which further rigs and controls all our markets! It’s HERE now!

Yellen, Draghi, Kuroda, and Carney mostly seem to determine policies for our Central Planners (but their hidden advisers are not revealed to the public)! Are we all ‘enslaved’?

Where does all this eventually lead? It leads to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ economic system of our elites. One computer CONTROL center for the planet administering monetary/fiscal policy for the 7 billion citizens. Computerization and digitization has created this NEW global marketplace where a few select elites can monitor, control, rig, and manipulate the entire global economy (using cyber/digital money). Yes, enslavement of mankind is here and when events get more dire than more thinkers will wake-up. For now, there are only a very few who comprehend what is happening on this planet called EARTH.

Courtesy of https://kingdomecon.wordpress.com.

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