China And The USA Are Joined At The Hip

July 9, 2021

China and the USA regard each other as enemies - we read hostile remarks on the part of the USA, regarding China. And China rattles its weapons. 

USA sends warships into the Taiwan Straights, annoying China, which still regards Taiwan as part of China.

And the USA has armed to the teeth all the islands of the Western Pacific, and makes noises regarding China.

However, the fundamental, irrefutable fact is that the USA depends on China, and China depends on the USA.

Without Chinese goods in its stores, not to mention American goods manufactured in China, by American enterprises, American stores would be virtually empty.

Without a huge American market for its exports, the economy of China would collapse into unemployment.

China's gigantic exports to the USA provide China with huge surpluses of Dollars, which China uses to purchase US Bonds, knowing that they are junk.

China has to keep these junk Bonds, because if they sell them to get rid of them, they will collapse the value of the Dollar.

If the Dollar collapses, a great part of Chinese manufacturing will also collapse, for lack of a market, and then China will have a gigantic problem of unemployment for their enormous population of some 1.4 billion Chinese.

This is all happening because neither the USA, nor China - nor any country in the world, for that matter, is using real money: gold money.

In a World in which all countries used gold as their money, all countries would have their own stable economies, and exports and imports would compensate each other in each country.

This is the way the World functioned in the Victorian Age - the 19th Century - which has been compared for stability, prosperity and peace with the Age of Augustus Caesar, who reigned in Rome for 41 years - from 27 B.C. to 14 A.D.

The Present Age - the Age of the US Dollar - will inevitably come to an end, because all lies come to an end, sooner or later.

How it will end, nobody knows. But we can be sure of one thing: the death of the Dollar will upset absolutely everything that we take for granted today.

Enormous suffering lies ahead.


Hugo Salinas Price is a Mexican citizen, born in the USA of an American mother and a Mexican father. He is 81 years of age. Married for 58 years to a Mexican wife; they have 18 grandchildren. He dropped out of three universities: Wharton, Monterrey Tec (Mexico) and National Autonomous University of Mexico.  Hugo started out in business life in 1952 as a General Manager of a tiny company manufacturing radios in Mexico City. He was 20 years old at the time and soon learned about the importance of having funds to meet the pay-roll every Friday. The company was owned by his father, and gradually turned into a manufacturing company with its own retailing branch, selling all sorts of consumer goods, including its own TVs.  His website is

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