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China Dragon vs Greece Lamb

July 17, 2015

Analysts worldwide have recently been comparing China vis-a-vis Greece ad nauseam.  IMHO way too much importance has been allotted to the dire situation in Greece.  Indeed, Greece is totally insolvent…and will eventually and inevitably go bankrupt. However, much more concern and focus should zero in on behemoth China.

With all due respect to Greece, it is the plight of a Lamb vs  that of the Dragon China.  Here below I compare vital aspects of the China Dragon vs the Greece Lamb.

Obviously, it is illogical to compare the Greece Lamb to the China Dragon.

Whereas the economic plight of Greece is deplorable, what transpires in China will have material more influence on global economic conditions.

We need to pay less attention Greece’s lost cause…and concentrate on what’s happening in the globe-trotting Sino nation.

P.S. – Were I a Greek, I would be anxiously and enthusiastically learning to read, write and speak the Mandarin Chinese language…SERIOUSLY ! Because the only salvation of Greek investors today is:

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