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Craig Hemke: Fed Can Save the Economy or The Dollar

January 27, 2023

While the Federal Reserve was caught off guard by the rampant inflation that it expected to be 'transitory,' and now expects that it can raise rates as quickly as it has without causing a recession, there are several analysts who disagreed, and who have so far been proven correct.

One such analyst is Craig Hemke, who was warning about the inflation long before it became entrenched, and has been pointing out the myriad of signs showing the contraction of the economy. And in his macrocast preview for 2023, he laid out what he expects to happen this year and why.

Which he discusses in this interview, along with his predictions for gold and silver, and how he expects the silver market deficit to unfold as we watch the inventories get drained.

Craig also discusses how we are seeing the supply of many of the other metals decline, why that's happening, and what it means for the overall commodity complex.

So to find out more from one of the silver space's top analysts, click to watch the video now!

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