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Enroute to the Millennium Checkmate & a One World Order

August 7, 1998

We stand, as on the bow of great ship Titanic, enroute to a millennium checkmate and secular crescendo unprecedented in human history, since the attempted construction of the Tower of Babel. The tyranny of the old monarchies has simply been replaced by a less visible new world order of merchant bankers and industrialist with similar objectives but without ethical and moral guidance systems.

When I first contributed to Gold Eagle in the spring of 1997, I could not have imagined that many things that were foretold by other analysts more learned than I would come to pass. The foretelling of the Asian crisis is one example. This will be my final posting on Gold Eagle since I believe enough words have been spent and is now time to step back away from the "box" and cacophony of noise and confusion, to return to some wilderness or state of physical "poverty", where our ancestral prophets understood true wisdom could be found in quiet contemplation, humility, vulnerability, and in union with God or some deity.

Suppose for a moment that all we currently perceive as reality is but the reverse— like a reflection in a pond. Suppose that the information we consume and upon which we base our daily economic decisions is neither complete nor free of bias; rather, the information and the perceptions this information imprints on our minds is itself both "planned" and "manufactured" by some club or group of centralist wizards who consider themselves the font of knowledge and wisdom. It then goes by association that our behaviour and our consent can be manufactured by the same centralist font of wisdom. Indeed in the realm of human psychology it may be possible to deprive individuals of their capacity for free thought, indeed wisdom, by depriving individuals of time and peace (similar to those who are deprived of sleep) so that "we the people" are no longer capable of individual thought or the capacity to contemplate the meaning of life. We have in a sense been deprogrammed; incapable of original thought, incapable of understanding morality and sin. We are like hamsters in a continuous "do loop", collectively knowing not where our journey will end nor empowered to define our own outcomes. In a sense we are lost, having long ago abandoned our moral or ethical compass of our ancestors, adrift on the sea of confusion and addicted to consumption of goods, services and information, at any price, and the illusion that the accumulation of wealth is itself a salvation for the soul. How misguided we have become, including gold bugs.

In this world of hyper-information stimulation, is it not possible with the cacophony of noise to overstimulate the mind that we are left incapable of original thought and reason and thus vulnerable to suggestion, capable of absorbing only sound bites that, like saturation bombing, leaves us feeling vulnerable, off balance, and looking for salvation and peace. I have observed with dismay the slow erosion of the capacity of individuals to think outside the "box." Even those who attempt to escape the sucking gravitational vortex of false idolatry operationalised through advertising and suggestive TV beta waves, find it impossible to imagine and live another state of existence outside the box.

When I began my musings in my article the Seven Golden Threads of the Global Quilt it has become increasing apparent that that quilt is nearing completion into a global union, a new Tower Babel unprecedented in human history. All of us are contributing to its construction even if we believe we are resisting its gravitational pull or believe that we are truly free. The evidence is all around us that we have effectively given up our freedom in exchange for the false idolatry and dreams of wealth accumulation. And yet, by most economic and non-economic measures, most of us are "making a dying" rather than "making a living." Most of us are waiting for some Eldorado motherload that will bring us security and sustainable income stream. Yet these are fertile fallacies and false idols. The majority of Americans surveyed say that they would find satisfaction if only they made twice as much monetary income, yet we all know that more is never enough.

When I began my musings on Gold Eagle over a year ago, it was a journey in pursuit of truth and wisdom about the financial and gold markets that would come through study, reflecting and contemplation of our secular reality juxtaposed with some spiritual, moral and ethic compass. I too am guilty of pursuing the false idol of wealth, prosperity and monetary security as a gold bug. Increasingly, it is apparent that even if gold is released from its bondage that this too will be short-lived, like the flash of a supernova, and gold too will not provide salvation or freedom. Many of us intuitively know this yet, like Jack Nicholson notes in A Few Good Men, we can't handle the truth. The key to true freedom is found in giving up power, wealth and monetary riches, including gold and silver. But that paradox is hard to accept when we are running 100 mph on a treadmill to 'nowhere-ville.' As in ancient times there were prophets or oracles who saw the world through different eyes and whose cries for "stop the treadmill" went unheeded.

As I have journeyed to foreign subject places I could not have fathomed two years ago, I have been left with a nagging feeling (with the gold "market" as the case study) that all is not as it seems, that markets are not entirely free, that information, while not always complete, can be intentionally with held to sustain the lament that we "really don't know what is driving the markets." I have also learned, from my own experience, that those who have gained the wealth of the world are caught in a trap knowing that to sustain their wealth, thus power, requires the continued exercise of this power and that in today's world, power is found through the dissemination of information. We also know that true to the words of T.S. Elliot, we have lost the knowledge in information and the lost the wisdom in knowledge. Much of this is our own doing; perhaps succumbing to what George Soros calls "fertile fallacies."

The possibility of a new black nobility working both cross yet common purposes in maintaining and increasing their wealth and control is not out of the realm of possibilities. Unlike the monarchs of old, they do not parade in public nor require outward homage and tax revenues of their subjects. Their form of taxation is more subtle extracted through the provision of goods and services that we are convinced to consume beyond the sustainable limits of nature's capital from which our livelihood depends. Indeed some geopolitical analysts, more astute and knowledgeable than I, point to the existence of such committees and groups. Their influence is exercised at all orders of governance and is leveraged most importantly through the so-called free market system of trade.

Their presence is pervasive and affects every part of our lives, yet these "kings" are hidden behind corporate names, so-called "public companies" with ingenious charters and incorporations that hide their majority ownership. Evidence of concentration of their ownership, their wealth of physical and monetary resources, and their creations of common global systems that benefit their transnational interests are visible everywhere yet the people behind these new "thrones" of power remain faceless. These companies include Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Rio Tinto, De Beers, General Electric and many banks, newspapers, and media. The actual founders and current heirs to their ancestral fortunes remain hidden so to avoid public scrutiny lest the peasants would storm the Bastille and expose the faces behind the masks. They intentions may be noble, even honourable, including philanthropy and support of charities (all with convenient tax exemption perks). It is the extent of their influence and their lack of a fundamental ethic for the well-being of the common folk, the equitable distribution of wealth and their collective disdain for the average folk, which is immoral, criminal, and reprehensible.

When one examines the history of the U.S., the hopes and aspirations of the founding colonists (the Puritans, Quackers and others), and the words of the constitution, it is sad to note that "we the people" are simply under "new management" by a new black nobility that still includes the powerful of Europe and the new wealth Americans. It is this new black nobility that, with seemingly good intentions yet unaccountable to "the people", conspire in the development of a global union of power, wealth, and systems that will unite the world in one common and fulfilling brother-sisterhood. The evidence of such global systems development is everywhere, right in front of you; we depend upon and drink from their fountains every day. Yet their fountains do not bring life-giving water.

Like our reaction to Clinton's immorality and undoubtedly treasonous acts, we have become numb to the meaning of corporate mergers, IMF bailouts, the MAI, World Court development. We cannot begin to discern how these threads may be an intricate quilt cleverly woven. Indeed, we sit back drinking our morning coffee reading our "local news" about the latest IMF bailout and draconian monetary policy requirements. And we never ask: who is the IMF and where do all those billions come from? We don't study history and recall that we have seen the IMF work before; in New Zealand. And we never ask why, nodding our heads in manufactured agreement that New Zealand did require a reality check; there were simply out of monetary policy control and lost their fiscal policy compass, yet they were one of the most egalitarian societies on the planet. No more.

We read about free trade agreements and the MAI, and we never question what earthly good such agreements have to the well-being of our individual households. We read about the collapse of Asia and never ask whether the same is not possible in the U.S., Canada, Australia, or Europe.

We never ask how money is actually created, trusting the high priests of finance that the issue is so complex that it is without an easy explanation. Yet those who know the truths about monetary policy and money creation know that it is rather simple, like the simple man who was the Wizard of Oz. Naturally those control money creation seek to sustain the veil of illusion so that we the people (like the Cowardly Lion) tremble in the presence of the high priests and wizards of finance to afraid to ask why or how. We need the courage of Dorthy continually asking why and for whom about money creation. If you knew these answers you would undoubtedly storm the "palaces" of the new "royal" class that has learned to dress in peasant clothes and keep their wealth creatively hidden through tax rules, loopholes and other means of wealth protection that they themselves were responsible for creating.

The evidence is all around us that those who have power and wealth seek to maintain or increase it. This is afterall within the human nature of self-preservation. The creation of centralist systems of governance, monetary policy, trade policy, world courts of law, and even a world council of churches or common religion makes perfect sense for those attempting to protect their wealth. Unfortunately, for "we the people" it is a form of enslavement. There used to be another word for centralist governance — communism. Isn't it ironic that we believe communism is dead, except perhaps in Cuba and China, yet we plod along to the beat of the very communist manifesto nodding our heads in common unison that the creation of centralist systems is both good and wise.

The same powers of wealth that I have written about in the past are really no different than you or I. They too have sought security for their families in building up riches and wealth on earth. Wealthy people, once having achieved such prosperity, often want nothing more than to protect that wealth and the stream of income for future generations of the family. It is thus natural that such powerful interests and families find a common fraternity of peers who also seek the same security by accumulating wealth and thus power. This accumulation and concentration of power and wealth is unprecedented in human history. In ancient Judaic times, the law of the Jubilee and the rule of seven ensured the equitable distribution and continual redistribution every 50 years of wealth and thus power. Today we have no such ethic. Indeed the only ethic is bigger and more. How different the world would be if Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Baron Rothschild were to ethically obligated to redistribute their accumulated wealth every 50 years as in ancient times of Israel.

What I find particularly disturbing is not the obvious increasing concentration of wealth in the interest of protecting some false sense of security, it is the tools and strategies used to dominate our hearts and minds such that we the people feed their addiction.

Others more learned than I have studied history and look back to war strategies during WW II to look for common threads that are evident today in our so-called post-Cold War era. War strategists knew that the only way to beat Hitler and the Japanese was to wage psychological warfare on the German and Japanese population. One of the most effective means was saturation bombing, in the case of Germany, and the nuclear bombs, in the case of Japan. The desired outcome was achieved; the people screamed for surrender, not their military masters. These architects of psychological warfare continue their black arts studying human behaviour through internationally-acclaimed think-tanks of every nature. Advertising itself most certainly has benefited from the propaganda successes of Hitler in Germany though Americans now consider the brainwashing of an entire democratically free nation as good and acceptable. Ironically, it was also a German scientist who determined that TV viewing creates a dream-like or beta wave sequence in the brain of the viewer; and Americans have embraced TV like no others.

What if these same scientists and their craft are not gainfully employed in the study of mass psychology through the media and advertising think-tanks and firms? Of course we find this art of manufacturing consent acceptable. Indeed, we freely accept and respond in our consumption behaviour to imprinting everyday when we pass that Coke machine and succumb to the arrogant message of "obey your thirst." And boy, do we obey! Coke share prices rise and U.S. GDP notches up and we call that prosperity while we ignore the option of a free, unsweetened glass of water!

The desired behaviour of people can be subtlety manufactured, as with advertising. Over stimulation of the mind, by creating millions of choices and saturation bombing with information (through the media and freely absorbed through the new medium, the Internet), ultimately leads to a kind of deprivation of both knowledge and wisdom. Saturated with information we become incapable of discerning truth. With people off balance and incapable of forming their own thoughts it is then possible to manufacture a thought and thus our consent through repetition (like Pavlo's dog) suggestion. When we think about this (e.g. the Asian flu, for example or the IMF saviour issue), we begin to realise how easy it is to shape public opinion and consensus and how easy it is to strategically place information in our minds (Noam Chomsky speaks about this in Manufacturing Consent). In addition to this imprinting another instrument can be used to stampede the unsuspecting heard; this involves creating crisis or chaos with a ready-made solution to be suggested once the general population has internalised that crisis as their own. This too is evident in our society. One can think about the Y2K crisis, the "debt monster", "limits to growth" (Club of Rome), global warming, and other so-called national or international emergencies, that upon closer examination of evidence are questionable emergencies.

The subject of Y2K raises a fundamental question: is this a true crisis or an illusion? What if the possibility of a crisis has been manufactured in order to meet a specific agenda: a global monetary system. Even if Y2K does have a measurable impact on disturbing the flow of capital, perhaps it is being allowed to manifest itself for the same? I suggest that whether Y2K is real or not, the desired outcome is the same: crisis. Indeed a mathematician friend of mind noted that he saw the problem of the Y2K has more to do with the human interpretation of what we programmed the computer to tell us rather than a shortcoming of the computer to handle the calculation. A crisis condition requires action and an anticipated crisis requires an action plan. Is it note possible to imagine that a Y2K crisis, either really or manufactured, could stampede "we the people" into a planned outcome? Some have spoken of the slow but deliberate move to the creation of a seamless one-world financial and monetary system, using electronic fund transfer systems. Much of the infrastructure is already in place with experiments long underway in New Zealand and Canada. A Y2K "crisis" would be the ideal catalyst for completing a centralist/global monetary policy and cash-less system controlled by the same merchant banking interests that now quietly fund the BIS, IMF and World Bank, not to mention the Federal Reserve system and the Bank of England. A banking crisis where Americans are precluded from their cash deposits would create such chaos and a clamour for a saviour, that "we the people" would embrace such a new system with open arms.

We should notice that the U.S. President's emergency legislative powers are now so powerful in exercising emergency powers that the "we the people" Congress are no longer required for consent. This slippery slope began with the outbreak of WW I and was exercised by Roosevelt during the depression when holding of gold by citizens became illegal. Few have challenged the unconstitutional nature of these emergency measures. In fact, Clinton has declared more national states of emergency than any U.S. President for dubious issues has. Is it not possible that Clinton could declare a national state of emergency as the "perceived" Y2K crisis unfolds, when 98% of Americans precluded from their life-blood of cash will scream for mercy?

We find ourselves so off-balance that, with the presentation of a chaotic mix of daily consumption choices, we have come to a position where, unless motivation can be clearly shown, all information is rejected. In such an environment we become open to suggestion and incapable of making free choices.

The key to survival in this environment is to turn our responses to a created crisis into "adaptive" responses by identifying the conspirators and exposing their plan and misinformation such that the illusions of the Wizards of Oz become revealed and public knowledge.

In the end we seek truth. Can we handle the truth? The credo of Gold Eagle is "based on the idea that knowledge is not only power, it is money. For wisdom is a defence and money is a defence. But the excellency of wisdom is that it will produce wealth for those who possess the knowledge."

In my curtain call to Gold Eagle, I would challenge this credo by asking, are we not also caught in the same sucking idolatry tar pit as those we point to as colluding to control wealth.

True wisdom will not come through the accumulation of wealth as some security blanket. While wisdom can be developed through knowledge, I would argue that true wisdom comes when we are emptied of our own anxieties about money and possessions. It seems clear that, as my colleague John Kutyn notes, in order for us to seek and know the truth, we must be the essence of humility. Only if we are humble can we admit time and again that our thoughts or actions were wrong, and then take the personal steps to move closer to the truth.

May true freedom and wisdom come from the freely given gifts of grace and providence and our realisation that freedom is achieved by relinquishing the pollution of our anxieties that over our possessions and the pursuit of wealth.

"Do not insult the proud who have no humility.
The humble thirsts for the remarks of others to correct himself from
defaults, whereas the corrupt arrogant neglects, revolts, and becomes hostile.
(anonymous Syrian mystic)

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