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The Final Illusion

May 20, 2002

Memorial Day Meltdown is bubbling along quite nicely thank you. No, the Stock Market hasn't crashed yet, but the system is failing. If you are not careful, you will soon have a dent in your head from the falling economic debris. Even Maria, Maria of CNBC fame is now being exposed, besides her bosom I mean, for the fraud she always was. Enron memos are showing up that imply the California energy crisis was rigged. Gee, what a surprise. The New York Attorney General is investigating Wall Street because, GASP, the stock research was slanted. President Pretzel is trying to explain how he didn't really ignore warnings of the September 11th attack, he just didn't take them seriously. And the Democrats have turned on the scandal detecting device they conveniently left off the whole 8 years Clinton was in office. Why it's enough to make a person cynical it is. I mean, we all know our leaders are incompetent traitors, we just didn't realize they would be THAT incompetent and traitorous.

Ah, the twilight of the United States is unfolding before my very eyes. Just watch the evening news for a month, followed by the "Don't Worry be Happy-and be sure and buy something, television shows" and you will realize America is through. Just wait till whoever, and for whatever reason, hits us again. The entire system will collapse like the farce it is. The great flock of my fellow countrypeople know what is going on in their pigeon minds. They know they are being lied to by corrupt, incompetent and amoral asses. They just have made the decision they cannot deal with it mentally. So the vast majority of Americans simply act like all is normal. Even as the terrorist alerts pile up and even as terrorist plots are foiled right and left, people maintain the final illusion of normalcy in America. I find the denial mechanism simply fascinating. I'm dosed with chemtrails nearly every day, but the local weather broadcast doesn't mention a word about it. Now that, is information control worthy of anything the Third Reich practiced.

As for economics, does it really matter anymore? My thoughts are leaning towards domestic terrorist strikes with weapons of mass destruction, civil war inside the United States between the various racial and economic groups and overseas military disaster leading to the invasion of the United States. The context of our times is a civilization in collapse. The context is global chaos on a scale not seen since Rome fell. The context is the scum that rule this planet are going to take it down with them. And here am I just drifting along the current, waiting for the dam to break and the roaring flood to overwhelm me. Will my gold protect me when they shut the banks like they did in Argentina? Will my guns protect me when civil war breaks out? Will my health protect me when biological weapons are used? Will anything protect me from the lunacy about to explode on this planet over the next decade? Hell, I have no idea. I'm just a singer in a rock and roll band as the Moody Blues used to sing. It's true I don't know anything. The important thing is I realize I don't know anything. This, in my opinion, is the beginning of wisdom.

The GATA lawsuit was crushed. The stock market and economic manipulations continue unabated by Mr. Magoo and his clowns. The system desperately continues to try and maintain the final illusion all is well. Unfortunately, reality is intruding into the little garden party in the form of the Mask of the Red Death. Sure, the illusion can be maintained for a while longer. My timing may be off, but the system is coming down, politically, militarily, economically, ecologically and psychologically. Whatever American television tells us, and no matter how much Prozac people take, Americans are suffering from mass lunacy. All except me, who always having been crazy am doing just fine. Actually, I'm in my element now. I intend to enjoy myself in what little time we have left before TSHTF. In fact, assuming either the Red Chinese or North Koreans use the missile technology Bill Clinton gave them to vaporize Portland, I shouldn't have to worry about anything. I've calculated that, if home, I will be on the outer edge of the impact crater and, if at work, at the outer edge of the primary blast and heat wave. Works for me. None of this running around eating Alpo garbage. They go nuke and I want out cleanly. Biologicals I'll take my chance with my immune system and healthy lifestyle. Urban chaos, civil war and foreign invasion, I'll take my chances with my 12 gauge. Economic collapse and I'll take my chance with my 12 gauge also. Take my word for it: you do not want to meet me when I'm in survival mode and have a loaded shotgun in my hands. If all that happens is civilization collapses, I'll do just fine.

Considering what is likely to happen economically in the United States over the next few months and years, I'm amazed the illusion is holding up. Japan is about to have its entire banking system declared insolvent by the rating agencies. Half of Argentina's population lives below the poverty line and they shut the banking system down last week. Just went on TV and shut the banks down. Amazing. By all means, keep some gold, silver and cash on hand physically, in a safe place, at your home. I believe soon the same thing will happen in the United States. Gold is starting to move up, although it's unclear to me how much it will be allowed to move up. There is a very real possibility any capital gains will be taxed away as "windfall profits." Or a national economic emergency will be declared and gold seized. If you think they won't do it, you are naive. The same crowd who has rigged the economic system for years will do whatever they have to stay in power. They don't mind some gold increase, Buffet wants to make some money on his 100 million ounces of silver, but they won't allow things to get out of hand. Gold will never be allowed to go to $1000 an ounce in my opinion. The damage to the derivative market will require a savage response from the FED. You will be faced with the choice of selling it and paying a huge special tax, or burying it in your backyard for another fifty years. That's the way I see it, so save your e-mail. Send it to Mr. Magoo as if he cares. Unless you think they won't be able to do this since the entire system has collapsed. If they can, they will and if they can't, you will need guns and not gold. So long as the current corrupt group is in charge of the planet, fiat money and the fiat bubbles thus created will be protected at all costs. Take a hard look at the people control systems being introduced on a global basis, the microchips, cloning, cameras, identification systems, economic verification systems, and tell me they aren't moving to crush gold once and for all. Like Star Trek's Borq say, "You will be assimilated, Resistance is Futile." Precious metals will make it an interesting fight, but Mr. Magoo is quite willing to impose dictatorship to keep things under the control of the globalists. On the other hand, the Borq lost didn't they Mr. Magoo? The fight for economic freedom will reach its climax soon. Things are going to get very interesting in the United States over the next five years. Very interesting indeed.

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