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Gold Price Leaps And Looks Higher

November 20, 2015

gold priceYesterday’s rally was the most promising we’ve seen on the hourly chart in weeks. It surpassed no fewer than four prior peaks without taking a breather; moreover, the pullback has been shallow so far. We’ve been short this vehicle with an 1176 basis, but the current stop-loss at 1093.70 should be closely minded, since even moderate strength on Friday could trigger it. If so, it would give us a theoretical gain of $9300 on the position upon exit.  If the rally is for real, bulls should be able to move the futures easily past 1086.50 Thursday night. That’s the midpoint Hidden Pivot resistance of a small abc pattern on the hourly chart that projects to 1095.50. (A=1068.30 at 9:00 a.m. ET on 11/19).


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Gold is widespread in low concentrations in all igneous rocks.
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