Gold, Silver, ARKK And Bitcoin – Systemic Risks Abound

MBA, Market Analyst & Author @ The Mining Stock Journal
December 8, 2021

When someone plays with fire, that person eventually get burned. Most of the stocks Cathie Wood puts in her ETFs are the equivalent of playing with a blow-torch near puddles of gasoline. In 1999 retail “daytraders” partied until 1999 ended. A year later most retail traders had lost 95% of their stock account equity. Cathy Wood invests and trades like a retail stock jockey. The flagship ARKK fund is down 40% from its all-time earlier this year. Little known is that her Tupelo Capital fund in the 1990’s was closed after an 84.8% loss. I am highly confident that this history will repeat.

The CEO of Microsoft unloaded 50% of his holdings a few weeks ago. Not 25% or 33% but half of his holdings. This is a strong statement about his view on the value of MSFT and on the stock market generally. Insiders are selling shares at a record pace and smart money is raising cash on every market rally. Once again retail and Cathie Wood have been set up as the exit strategy for insiders and professionals.

Lee Justo, formerly of Wall Street Silver, invited me onto new RISK podcast to discuss the markets, specifically gold, silver and mining stocks as well the systemic risks building up that will undermine financial assets.

Despite the ebullience of the broad stock indices, there’s has been bloodbath in many unprofitable and highly overvalued “crap” stocks. Just 43% of all Nasdaq Composite stocks are above their 50 dma’s. It’s only 40% for the S&P 500. Over the last several months I have recommended shorts in Zillow, Opendoor, Robinhood, Draftkings, Penn Gaming, Microstrategies and others. Most have been highly successful shorts – home runs if you used puts. If you are interested in capitalizing on a historically overvalued stock market with short ideas, this link will provide you with more information about my Short Seller’s Journal

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Dave Kranzler spent many years working in various analytic jobs and trading on Wall Street. For nine of those years, he traded junk bonds for a large bank. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago, with a concentration in accounting and finance. He currently co-manages a precious metals and mining stock investment fund in Denver. My goal is to help people understand and analyze what is really going on in our financial system and economy. Dave publishes the The Mining Stock Journal a bi-weekly subscription newsletter that features junior mining ideas as well as relative value ideas in large cap mining stocks.


Seventy-five percent of all gold in circulation has been extracted since 1910

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