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The Grand LBMA Exposé: A Collective-Mind Analysis

Part - 5

October 7, 1997


This writer will present the entire situation via a chronicle of all the news publications about the subject, providing dates sources and authors - where possible. Nearly all available information was researched from Internet sources. Most comments are verbatim from respective authors. Occasionally, this writer added comments of clarification and/or conclusions where the research leaves off.

Internet Commentary #25 -

Posted on the Internet September 12, 1997 by YAHOO

London Average Daily gold Turnover Falls in August -

LONDON (Reuter) - Gold average daily turnover fell to 33.2 million ounces inaugust from 37.0 million in July, according to statistics released by the London Bullion Marketing Association (LBMA) on Friday.

The turnover was still 1.1 million ounces above the lowest volume seen this year in April.

Internet Commentary #26 -

Posted on the Internet September 14, 1997 by "ANOTHER"

(an answer?):

This could be an answer directed to the "Red Baron"?

The CBs are becoming "primary suppliers" to the gold market. Understand that they are not doing this because they want to, they have to. The words are spoken to show a need to raise capital but we knew that was a screen from long ago. You will find the answer to the LBMA problem if you follow a route that connects South Africa, The middle east, India and then into Asia!

Remember this; the western world uses paper as a real value, but oil and gold will never flow in the same direction. Big Trader

Internet Commentary #27 -

Private email in September 1997 by "Oracle of Alberta"

Your article re: LBMA is refreshing analysis of an article many of us may have glossed over. I had also noted the implications of the article.

I would like to propose other angles on the questions/points you raise in your article (I reference your words followed by my commentary)

So, repeating a question I raised yesterday, is this announcement a powerplay by London to replace New York and Tokyo?? Or is there some more "occult" reason for this??? Are the Central Bank's laying the ground for a "backup" system due to fears of an impending (but occult) meltdown in paper??

I think there is something much deeper going on here that extends beyond London but to a collusion of some of the most powerful European and American merchant banking interests that just so happen to be the primary shareholders (Class A boards of directors) on the Federal Reserve System/Federal Reserve Banks. These include the N.M. Rothschild and Sons who just happen to be one of five key players that fix the price of gold each day in London, and have since 1919 at the Rothschild office. I am of the opinion that either the Rothschilds, who have benefited as the gold bullion traders par-excellence in Europe for over 200 years, are positioning themselves (and the Bank of England, as you suggest, which they are also a big part of) for the ensuing meltdown of fiat/paper currencies (that will come) or they are part of an even grander oligarchy of merchant bankers that through their influence on the Fed are playing their part (as master bullion traders) and systematically orchestrating the collapse of the U.S. paper and stock market system (as some suggest occured in 1929). Your use of the word "occult" is interesting and worth digging deeper! The "backup" system you mention may in fact be a new global medium of exchange....electronic fund transfer systems....that is already ready for globalization and which has been tested in various countries already....My theory: orchestrate the destruction of fiat/paper currency, argue that their day is done, usher in a new electronic currency system that will be touted as the panacee and saviour of an inherently unsustainable fiat system. As you note....Ann Ryand is correct...there are no paradoxes in nature, neither are their paradoxes in the secular, human world...only carely manufactured enigmas.

HOW HOW WOW....., is this "enlightened" age of information, exist something SO large as loco London?? It has been hidden all this time not by government mandate...but by private enterprise.

Bingo! The fact be known is that it is the private merchant banking interests who are the real levers behind the scene, particularly through the Fed, the Bank of England and the Bank of the history of the Rothschild house and you will get a clue to their ability to influence so-called public institutions. Their ability to create smoke-and-mirrors through their involvement in the media is staggering...beyond fact, they would have many of us believe these very thoughts we are raising now are figments of our imagination....delusions of a maniac.

Goldgugs have been putting the excuse of their plight on gold "management" by Central Banks. With these numbers flowing in the previously occulted London Exchange, Central Bank's could not possibly manipulate. Gold then must be acting NOW as a commodity, supply and demand. And the price that we have now, is it's commodity price (rather than manipulated price). And as any commodity, it is subject to the market's perception. Popular economists refer to gold as a dead horse....these are not numbers of an inactive currency. WHEN the masses translate this loco London information, the perception of gold must change dramatically.

It would make sense for the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other powerful merchant banking interests to manufacture a sentiment that gold is is in their interest to leave the masses believing that gold is no longer a store of value (thus currency) but rather a simple commodity. The fact is, a Rothschild, knows otherwise, from a history of gold trading in 200 years of European history. Why do you think N.M. Rothschild still lists as the primary business as the trading of gold bullion (and treasuries)...they are making ooodels of money on each of the tremendous transactions noted in the Times can imagine the transaction revenues that these folks have pile up over 200 years at the craft!!! A manufactured perception becomes reality!

? I remember Ann Rand saying somewhere that in nature, paradoxes cannot must recheck their premises. Our PREMISES definitely need some rechecking now; OR the general market needs to recheck their's. Gold, with this volume (and new information), is behaving paranormally.

Indeed, Ann Ryand is correct..neither are there paradoxes in our secular markets! It is we, you and I, who must recheck the nature and foundation of money exchange and creation for clues to uncovering what appears to be paranormal. Perhaps all is quite normal, at least normal from the perspective of the oligarchy which wields such power.

What ever prompted the "perfectly" occulted London gold market to go public??

Good question. My with allowing U.S. citizens to once again buy and own gold bullion and coin (not since 1933 and Roosevelt's decree) that "they" feel confident that sentiment in gold has depressed sufficiently to provide no short term threat to an agenda which includes the introduction of a single/global medium of exchange....going public may simply be a sign of arrogance or confidence....perhaps it is too late...for even those who do hold gold, knowing the inherent weaknesses of fiat currencies, gold has been both "nakedized" and neutralized.

This is against the very nature of it's participants. And against the interests of the Central Bank's and governments. This London market is no little news...what are their intentions with this release? First thing that comes to mind, is that if I wanted to undermine the very root of fiat currencies, this is exactly the information I would release. Perhaps the LBMA news was released under political pressure because the Brits want out of the common European currency, or perhaps a stronger hand in its formation. What they are in effect saying is that while the dollar, yen, and DM are the world's reserve currency, we hold the gold currency.

Maybe there is more here again that meets the eye. Releasing such information was, all conventional media argue, is a "dead horse"....If my plan was ultimately to attract enough individual liquidity into an irrational stock market, if I know that a $5 trillion debt load will implode at some time along with the demise of fiat U.S. currency (and the Yen , DM and Euro)....if my plan is to control the ultimate lever (the medium of exchange) through electronic currency...the release of such information at this stage is harmless to my ultimate agenda. It is possible that the Rothschilds are standing behind the Brits in their own unease with the future of the Euro (which I tend to believe is an experiment by the very same merchant banking interests of Europe and America that control the Fed), having backed the Brits before as lender to Wellington at Waterloo and other financial support to the Monarchy. The Rothschilds, more than any other merchant banker, including the Rockefellers, knows the age old value of gold as a strategic store of value.....just in case the entire scheme goes bust.

Take note.....I believe the political tug of war over the Euro, especially as being exercised by the French populace, will be critical to the success of such a grander scheme of introducing a global monetary union. It could be that the Euro is a grand experiment to test the possibility for the grander scale of global monetary union. Ironically, it is the democratic process and the people of France who might actual spoil the party!

Internet Commentary #28 -

Posted on the Internet September 28, 1997 by "JTF"

The most recent Red Baron session on the LBMA mystery, cmplements of Vronsky. My impression is that if volume on the LBMA is accurate (probably not real gold trading, but rather derivative trading), this may a prelude to the entry of a new e-gold currency. How interesting that our Alan Greenspan just recently contributed A PAPER IN A COLLECTION of papers on electronic currencies. As you may recall, I also mentioned that the CEPR, and the NBERrecently co-sponsored a symposium, much of it focusing on the return to the GOLD STANDARD. The lovcation was the University of Warwick, july 1990. This would fit together if Britain announced it wished to join the ECU.

Why has gold gone down, and the dollar up? What better way to convince others of the power of your new currency to manipulate the market, as well as pave the way to launching the ECU? I hope this will stimulate some discussion. We may know faily soon whether the UK will be joining the ECU, and the TRUTH OF THE ABOVE.

Internet Commentary #29 -

Posted on the Internet September 28, 1997 by "JTF"

I forgot to repeat the message -- The 1990 Economic Symposium at the University of Warwick -- One of the papers about returning to the GOLD STANDARD also mentioned the VALUE OF COMPLETE SECRECY. Intriguing isn't it?! Hard to keep everything a secret in Academic cicle, it seems. I think we will know the truth SOON.

Internet Commentary #30 -

Posted on the Internet October 5, 1997 by "ANOTHER"


Everyone knows where we have been. Let's see where we are going!

It was once said that "gold and oil can never flow in the same direction". If the current price of oil doesn't change soon we will no doubt run out of gold.

This line of thinking is very real in the world today but it is never discussed openly. You see oil flow is the key to gold flow. It is the movement of gold in the hidden background that has kept oil at these low prices. Not military might, not a strong US dollar, not political pressure, no it was real gold. In very large amounts. Oil is the only commodity in the world that was large enough forgold to hide in. Noone could make the South African/ Asian connection when the question was asked, "how could LBMA do so many gold deals and not impact the price". That's because oil is being partially used to pay for gold! We are going to find out that the price of gold, in terms of real money ( oil ) has gone thru the roof over these last few years. People wondered how the physical gold market could be "cornered" when it's currency price wasn't rising and no shortages were showing up? The Central Banks were becoming the primary suppliers by replacing openly held gold with Central Bank certificates. This action has helped keep gold flowing during a time that trading would have locked up. (Gold has always been funny in that way. So many people worldwide think of it as money, it tends to dry up as the price rises.) Westerners should not be too upset with the Central Bank actions, they are buying you time!

So why has this played out this way? In the real world some people know that gold is real wealth no matter what currency price is put on it. Around the world it is traded in huge volumes that never show up on bank statements, govt. stats., or trading graph paper.

The Western governments needed to keep the price of gold down so it could flow where they needed it to flow. The key to free up gold was simple. The Western public will not hold an asset that going nowhere, at least in currency terms. (if one can only see value in paper currency terms then one cannot see value at all) The problem for the CBs was that the third world has kept the gold market "bought up" by working thru South Africa! To avoid a spiking oil price the Central Banks first freed up the publics gold thru the issuance of various types of "paper future gold". As that selling dried up they did the only thing they could, become primary suppliers! And here we are today. In the early 1990s oil went to $30++ for reasons we all know. What isn't known is that it's price didn't drop that much. You see the trading medium changed. Oil went from $30++ to $19 + X amount of gold! Today it costs $19 + XXX amount of gold! Yes, gold has gone up and oil has stayed the same in most eyes. Now all govts. don't get gold for oil, just a few. That's all it takes. For now! When everyone that has exchanged gold for paper finds out it's real price, in oil terms they will try to get it back. The great scramble that "Big Trader" understood may be very, very close.

Now my friends you know where we are at and with a little thought, where we are going.



(October 7, 1997)

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