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Huge Cosmic Cluster Ahead: Buckle Up!

June 10, 2019

The cosmic cluster is June 10th-14/16-June 24th. June 10-18 sees a large drop to around 2668/70ish (especially after June 14). The 18th (Merc conj. Mars) is the midpoint of the next Bradley Jun 16-20 (last Bradley June 2-4). June 21 Neptune turns retrograde so we see a secondary low on the 20th right before OPEX (see Nov 23).  

The 19-20th sees a tag team cluster with Merc/Mars opposite Pluto: the first one Mars opp Pluto as an 'a' wave top on FED day and Mercury shores it up ('b') down on Thursday reversing into the Neptune retrograde Friday June OPEX, which could be up around 60 pts!!

June 23/24 (top on the 24th) revisits the problems we saw with Jupiter and Neptune (June 10/14-16) and down we go again especially after the G20 summit into July 1, a doozy of a drop as we hit a Jup/Sat secondary top that Saturday (works Friday) with a Sun sextile Uranus on Thursday (hopeful topping action before the summit?).

Recap: Down June 10 into June 18 (especially after the 14th), up into June 24 then down into July 5th (Bradley July 4)!! Little wiggles in between. By July 5th into the 2500's expected!!! Trump and China? August 8-28: huge down like Dec 2018!!!

My 3000/3100 forecast doesn't look likely until early January 2020. It looks like the stars and Mr. Trump had other ideas regardless of the positive technical action!

Silver looks to take a dump into June 18 or 19 and so does gold.  GDX looks down into June 18.  The junior miners aren't performing well and neither is silver.  I'm bearish on the metals for now!!

Below are my charts with more explanations.

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