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September 20, 2001

Thus spoke the crucified Messiah nailed to a Roman cross on a bleak Judean hill many centuries ago; thus say I regarding the events of September 11, 2001. Let no reasonable person have any illusions. Let no person anywhere on the planet not realize exactly what will happen in the next decade. This new world order constructed tower of Babel is about to come crashing down around our ears just like the World Trade Towers did in New York. The folly and arrogance of man, his mindless brutality and vicious manipulation have been on full display this week. As has the pathos, heroism, loyalty and courage of many of my countrymen for that matter. God what a mixture: heroic fireman taking last rites before entering a doomed building, Islamic true believers calmly crashing hijacked planes into a skyscraper- fire, smoke, chaos, blood, pain and terror all jumbled together into a collage seared into my mind forever. I have lived too long; I have seen too much; I am weary unto death and stand stunned in a defiled world full of evil and excuses. Everyone has an excuse these days; there is no accountability or responsibility. We reap what we sow and America has reaped the whirlwind our new world order rulers have sown so arrogantly.

Normally a vacation isn't supposed to include the kind of images I saw all last week. Normally a vacation is a regenerating period for the soul, spirit and body of a person. I guess if you work security last week would be the one to take off. Or maybe having a whole week off to watch the unfolding chaos was some sort of divine plan for me. Perhaps the universe has decided to attack my sanity even during the time I'm trying to distress.

I am not the same person I was on September 10th.

Ironically, that Monday I went out shooting with a friend deep in the Columbia Gorge on a beautiful and sunny day. Driving back into the evening twilight will also be a memory I will never forget. The twilight of America. The day before life as I know it ended I spent firing several hundred rounds and zeroing my scope for my 22 rifle. How ironic it is the last day of peace for America I spent practicing my shooting skills. Until I came down Tuesday morning, the one day in a year I didn't go online the first thing in the morning, and had my apartment manager ask me, "Have you heard?" To this day I still remember sitting in 4th grade and listening to the school loudspeaker announcement about Dallas. And now I will remember a destroyed America during the middle of my vacation on a beautiful fall morning at 1030am. As for Usama Bin Laden, I have both the will and ability to put a 22Long Rifle bullet into his iris at 50 yards, his pupil at 75 and the whites of his eyes at 150 yards.

But enough personal comments for now. My spirit is much too disturbed to focus on the usual economic, political and military areas I discuss. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn the stock market went down 685 points today. 5000 Americans are dead; our new world order masters are rapidly imposing a dictatorship and I am watching Bible prophecy unfold at an almost daily rate. It is finished. No one who reads my essays can say I didn't give fair warning. No one can say they are surprised. I am stunned, appalled, sickened and angry, but not surprised. Bushocio has called for a crusade. Bushocio is even stupid enough to use the one word designed to enrage the entire Muslim world. It is finished. We will now have war, but it will not be the war we Americans expect. Even now, we still don't understand Islam and why they hate us. It will all flow towards control of Jerusalem eventually. We will get our global dictator now. And then I can only have faith we will then get our returning Messiah and a just kingdom for 1000 years. It's not much, but it's all I've got right now.

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