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Latin American Economies Head South

June 25, 2002

With all the insanity currently going on why not add in a near miss from an asteroid last Friday? Now, wouldn't that have made for an interesting stock market day! Speaking of the stock markets, they don't seem to be doing too well since Memorial Day do they? If not melting down, at least they are wilting a bit. Today Rite Aid became the latest in a long line of companies with ex-CEO's indicted for stock manipulation. Pretty soon Mr. V, investors are going to get the idea that I've been right all along in my comments about business and Wall Street ethics. The DOW, NASDAQ, S;P 500 and the Nikkei are all below or just above what are called technical support levels. Presumably, this means they will support the market, although I see no reason they will.

What we are witnessing is a collapse of confidence in American capitalism in my humble opinion. People have figured out they have been lied to and cheated by the scum at the top of the food chain. I doubt investor's confidence will return anytime soon. Further, the global geo political situation is so uncertain, unstable and downright frightening to any reasonable person, that I really don't know why investors haven't freaked out even more. Probably Maria, Maria and her CNBC bosom I guess. Anyway, one of the things I do here at, besides annoying, enraging, titillating and hopefully educating you, is warn you when TS is about to hit the fan. Yes, many of you have emailed me that I'm full of it and I thank you for keeping me more humble than I usually am. My humble goal is to make sure that even if you get a face full of it, you aren't surprised. Appalled perhaps, but never surprised since I've already warned you.

With that said, I'm about to tell you the American economy and people, led by fools, looted by corporate scum, lied to by media and deceived by priests is now about to be wasted by Latin America. I understand you haven't been following what's been going on down there the last 9 months. I have and now I will give you my usual depressing version of things. Of course, I like to call this either the truth or reality, but then I'm picky. The United States is rotting from the top, but at least this phytoplankton has some personal integrity left. Ken Lay of Enron may still have his 100 million dollars, but he is a piece of human shit in my opinion. One of the things wrong with America today is Mr. Lay isn't sitting on death row awaiting execution for treason.

I'm going to bypass both Mexico and Central America since Mexico would require a full essay and Central America is not on my radar scope. Other than Panama and the Red Chinese control of the Panama Canal that is. Starting with Columbia we have a nation in crisis. Several of the Latin American countries are in bona fide crisis', even if the word is overused. Columbia is currently undergoing a civil war between several different groups. In fact, Columbia isn't really a country at all, but rather a grouping of various enclaves battling each other. The last Presidential election saw the kidnapping of one candidate and the other reduced to making only television appearances. The United States is heavily involved in preventing the military collapse of what remains of the central government. The United States will become increasingly drawn into this military swamp over the next few years. So much for Columbia.

Venezuela recently survived a botched Bush CIA coup attempt against Fidel Lite President Chavez. The economy has contracted 4% and the United States recently complained its diplomats and tourists were being threatened. The tensions between Chavez, the United States, the business classes, foreign investors and the IMF could be cut with a chain saw. Fidel Lite Chavez is also sounding out Fidel Heavy in Cuba about getting aid from Red China. Things could get real interesting down there over the next few years. Unfortunately, that would be the subject of another essay I'm working on. Add Venezuela to the list of problems. By the way, I forgot to mention that we get a lot of our oil from there and also Mexico. Chavez is a communist,; is linked to Castro and lining up with Red China. In addition, our President Pretzel violated the cardinal rule of trying to take out a ruler: never wound a king. Chavez hates our guts and, like Saddam Hussein, will take revenge when he can.

Brazil isn't nearly as bad off as either Columbia or Venezuela in my opinion. Although their economy is now in recession, the government corrupt and incompetent and they are suffering from Argentina's crisis, they are, next to Chile, probably in the best shape. Unfortunately for the United States, Brazil is a major importer of our exports and will now buy less. The export boom the falling dollar is expected to provide will have to leave out Brazil. I don't think there will be an export boom, but then I'm a doomer. So, Brazil is as stable, or unstable, as it ever was politically. They just won't be buying much from us anytime soon.

Argentina won't be buying anything from anybody anytime soon. Of all the Latin American countries, it's economy is in the worst shape. Over half of its population now lives below the poverty line. People eating out of garbage cans have started to appear in the major cities. Argentina is in a total state of economic and political collapse and the prospects don't look good any time soon. The banking system has essentially collapsed. Argentina was a globalist test case about what will happen when they collapse the system to impose Imperial control. The experiment is ongoing and our global masters will analyze the notes. Then they will do it to the United States and the whole world. Cattle mutilations have created a state of fear in addition to the economic trials the people are suffering. Things are really getting strange down there in more ways than one.

My final country is Peru which seems to be in a permanent state of disorder. The latest incident was an attempt by the federal government to privatize state owned utilities. The people of Peru rose up in violent protests and forced not only the sale to be canceled, but an apology from the President. Maybe we should riot up here in Portland now that Enron wants to take back PGE. I wouldn't think foreign investors would want to invest in Peru anytime soon. Actually, foreign investors is a code name for globalist pigs who want to rape and pillage local economies and reduce people to eating out of garbage cans. I'm glad that in Peru at least, the corporate scum got their asses kicked. Maybe we should send the Rite Aid CEO and Mr. Lay down there for some quality time with an angry mob? Capitalism is a great system, but you have to execute some CEO's every now and then to keep it honest. Works for me.

"Therefore, by objective standards, the leading managers of the
U.S. economy...are collectively, clinically insane."
Lyndon LaRouche

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