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Precious Metal Prices May Be Ready To Turn

September 23, 2017

Quiet action for the most part in stocks. To be sure I am seeing some signs of strength to come in the short-term…and you can find out more on that at my free blog.

As I’ve said, I will be retiring my newsletter business the end of September and just trading, living, travelling. In any case I will still write when I see something worthy of words. Time is expensive, spend it wisely.

The metals may be ready to take a turn higher after a nice healthy rest so let’s check the charts.

Gold fell 2.09% as the normal correction plays out. The 50-day moving average has provided some support to gold…and it’s trying to turn now.

A break of the downtrend line would be confirmation of this view…so let’s see what Monday brings.

I think it would be a solid move to go long on a break above $1,300 with tight stops near cost.

Silver slid a hefty 4.05% and is now at the $17 support level. Let’s see if we turn up as we should from this support zone.

Platinum was the biggest loser this past week dropping 4.09%. $903 is a big support area for platinum as well…so let’s see if we can make the turn, as we should.

Palladium was flat losing just 0.21% and is starting to turn higher. A break of this downtrend channel would be great and point to a move back to $980 where rest would likely be due.


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Gold's special properties mean that it has a greater variety of uses than almost any metal.
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