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Predictions For 2017

January 31, 2017

2017 and beyond should prove to all that the two party system today is but a charade. Trump will continue to increase the debt through infrastructure improvements. It is a REAL possibility that Trump will negotiate a default, a bankruptcy, on our debt just as he has done in his private dealings or if re-elected may be completed on his second watch. Expect wars to break out as Obama has done everything he could, in eight years, to unhinge our nation and others. Any change to sanctions against North Korea will bring a possible air threat to the US. Therefore wars should be expected as history ALWAYS moves the military industrial complex to use wars to make boatloads of money from government spending.

Economies often recover from these recessions but only in appearance, like lipstick on a pig. The lefts’ plan over the past eight years, will continue as they utilize Cloward and Piven’s documented blueprint to divide and conquer. Trump and his cohorts will be kept extremely busy reacting to constant squirmishes stateside and internationally. The implementation of the tenants of C & P will insure that no real positive change can be implemented to rid us of the privilege of the elites and reverse inequality. Today the left is suitably attired in enough lies to extend the madness started by the exiting President of the United States.

This year your purpose is to try not to lose your money, think October 1987, October 1997 and October 2017…because a serious crash is in the offing! Real money of gold and silver will save your family from destruction not Bit-coin.

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