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Remember the Alamo

January 1, 2002

This is a quickie, just to wish one and all a most happy and prosperous New Year!

In watching the History Channel this morning, the subject was the Alamo, and my memory was refreshed. I love American History, the west, and Texas, even tough it is far too flat. If you have never visited the Alamo, you should. It will tug at your heart strings and make you break out into tears if you have a morsel of tenderness, emotion, or patriotism in your soul. Those brave 189 killed over 600 of the attacking 1800 Mexicans, and the phrase "Remember the Alamo" will live forever in the hearts of Texans, and hopefully all America. The Alamo was a symbol, and it stirred independence longing Texans to action and patriotism, even though the Alamo was lost. A mere few weeks later at San Jacinto, Sam Houston defeated the Mexicans, and Texas independence was assured.

Was "9-11," the rallying cry to America and the free world in 2001? Did the deaths of 3,000 become a modern day Alamo, causing us to fly the flag, and desire the liquidation of bin Laden and his twisted followers? Will "9-11," describe a dividing line between true peace loving Muslims, and those disgraceful, so called devotees of Islam, who have twisted the Koran so dreadfully? We all hope so.

A little Jingoism never hurt anyone, and for that matter a lot of it is great! We are experiencing a true Jingoistic America this New Year, and I am proud of us.

This is just to offer everyone in the world, the warmest of New Years wishes. I'll be back to my acerbic, realistic, down to earth, damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead, self…in a couple of days!

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