Reversal Day In Precious Metals?

January 26, 2018

Here are a few charts on the USD, Gold, Silver and GDX showing the Thursday’s reversals.  One day does not make a trend. However, today Friday is a new trading day. Let’s see what it brings…?




Surf City is a pseudonym for a 60-year-old retired Information Technology Executive and Software start-up Entrepreneur living near the beach in California.   He has been an active investor and trader since the mid-1980s. Analytical by nature, his sound investments over the years allowed him to retire at a relatively early age of 55. In addition to the standard Technical Analysis tools of Edwards and Magee, Surf is a disciple of Walter Bressert’s Cycle Methodology and Stan Weinstein’s Stage 4 Market analysis.  Surf combines these skills to develop his unique “Cycle Price Channels.”  Some call them “Surf’s ForkCycles.

China has only 2% of its Total Foreign Reserves in gold.