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Their System Wages War Against Its Workers, The Citizen

August 18, 2016

“The most successful war seldom pays for its loses!”-Thomas Jefferson 1800

Government today is waging war on its citizens, who pay with their life’s work. Soon a great transfer of wealth WILL occur, but it will not be a transfer of inheritance from family but a transfer of the populace’s last wealth. This transfer, to the elite .005%, whom have never done any work will steal the last savings from every nation’s people. The HUMAN RESOURCES of its men and women whom have done all the work and created ALL the wealth will have their lives leveled requiring them to get in the boat with the other half who no longer have jobs or choose not to work. Call it “the Lawnmower Economy”. Except then the boat will be sinking and “Free Stuff” will no longer be available.

Our ancestors, after the “Dark Ages”, left their homes in Europe because they longed for religious and economic freedom. They believed that with freedom, personal sacrifice and hard work they could make a better life. They sacrificed unselfishly even giving their lives to create and insure freedom. They worked as farmers, laborers and factory workers feeding the nation, building trains, vehicles, ships and created life-saving scientific discoveries and a great nation was born.

Today we can see that natural resources of great farmland, wide expanses of forests and vast mining troves of rare earth metals HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with a nation becoming rich or great. Africa’s diamonds and gold have not raised the poor and homeless out of poverty. Farmers continue to commit suicide as the lose their farms to corporations that take over and destroy their fertile land and now it is happening here as well as small and large businesses close their doors as corrupt banks steal their livelihood, corporations thirst for profits take precedence as jobs are moved overseas where labor is slavery and the last great nation is transformed into another “third world” country replete with poverty, homelessness, failing infrastructure, starvation and suffering. Oh we aren’t there quite yet but that is the plan! A million, billion, nor trillions in wealth is enough for the ruling class of elitists. They want it all and you and I are the “human resources” they always use to acquire more.

Nations ONLY become wealthy when its citizens are rewarded with the fruits of their sacrifices supported in cultural values. The cultural mores of the people that founded America allowed individuals to set themselves apart from their pasts. Once upon a time, the United States and other nations like long ago Argentina, become rich when its citizens were are rewarded with the fruits of their sacrifices supported with cultural values. The cultural beliefs of these people and Americans allowed individuals to set themselves apart from their past with the belief that their lives and their children will be made better with simple practical principles of sacrifice. We, the children of those beliefs came to believe in, “The American Dream.” Today that dream has evaporated and MOST of her people have relinquished their dreams in failure. The fault has little to nothing to do with their own hard work, sacrifice or decisions but purely due to our governance’s failures at allowing the banks “free rein” in the once land of the free. “The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.” George Carlin

America was designed as an inclusive nation whereby the wealth created by its people grew the U.S. into a great nation with an ever expanding economy. Income mobility afforded even more freedom for its people. Even a dirt poor individual could move up the food chain with hard work, some skills, a little knowledge, education and some luck. Prosperity could be attained by all who were willing to sacrifice. “Money cannot create success, only the freedom to make it will.”- Gandhi

Institutions, where the rule of law WAS strong, were supportive of private property rights, where by corruption was prosecuted. The government was small, therefore low taxation was the norm and regulations were limited to support business growth and development. This is no longer the case and no longer do corporate businesses wish to operate in a country where the cards are stacked against them and government is fraught with regulations and corruption, as is the case today in the U.S.

Bankers have influenced and rewritten the rule book, like Lucy moving the goal posts in Peanuts, in order to take possession of the wealth that they previously held in trust or as collateral for their depositors and borrowers. New laws written in advance of their planned crisis assure that they can plunder the deposits and equity of their customers with impunity. Laws have been passed around the world but most notably in here in the US, Canada and the EU. To quote Turd Ferguson, “You don't own it unless you hold it, everything else is just a Bankers scheme to screw you.”

Bad government institutions have driven away foreign investors and home grown corporations. But worse yet is the fact that our government has exported our jobs and regulated small businesses into bankruptcy. Next our borders are open to anyone who wishes to come in to be cared for by the working minority that still work and have jobs. They are then allowed to export whatever earnings they make legally or illegally to be sent back to their homes.

Capital, created the old fashioned, is critical to economic growth and they have choked the goose that laid the golden egg. To again be a wealthy nation we must be inclusive, to encompass and include ALL who seek to commit to, acclimate and assimilate into the culture to reap the rewards of their work and not have 95% of their fruits stolen from them.

Inclusive diversity was once a successful goal until government destroyed newcomer assimilation through entitlements and giving ALL men a fish instead of REQUIRING newcomers to learn the natural language teaching them to feed themselves. Assimilation through language is the key to education, philosophy and values of the American culture. New immigrants will continue to remain but servants, mowing lawns, cleaning hotel rooms while unable to gain elevated education when we fail them by handicapping them with information keyed to their many varied languages instead of encouraging them to learn the language of the majority. Or is this exactly what the Socialist agenda wants, a two or three tiered servitude system that toils away for the fruits for the few? What was wrong with the old system that rewarded an individual whom developed skills, worked hard, and took risks in order to move up the socioeconomic food chain? I’ll tell you what was wrong with it, the globalist elites wanted more and with it they can control the masses. The elite, parasitic globalists plan is to take it all.

Income mobility has increasingly disappeared as self-reliance, risk-taking, and the rewards of hard work are being extinguished. The distance between the poor and the middle class has dramatically dissipated and income mobility is disappearing completely.

Personal values and traits of hard-work, perseverance, saving and honesty are rapidly vanishing, displaced by a culture that values instant gratification, consumer debt, government handouts and where few worship God but only possessions and interests. Our institutions are faltering as the Rule of Law is less predictable as government changes the rules at its sole discretion. It is estimated that 500 new rules are written into law daily, one couldn’t even keep abreast of each, governing everything from what you can/cannot put in your own body, to how you are allowed to raise your own child, to how you handle your finances and more and more it being enforced at gunpoint. Today, the federal government has enabled laws that scheme to use, control and steal. A few are becoming wealthier while everyone else becomes poorer while government shovels out entitlements to insure their re-election. When the markets crash 90% home equities will be slaughtered, banks will seize up overnight and bankrupt governments and national currencies will fail while the homeless will grow starving like zombies in the streets.

America is now a DIVIDED one, created by our government, to insure the masses verbally and physically destroy one another. Dem vs. Rep, 2nd Amend., man vs. woman, Patriots vs. confiscation, black vs. white, legal vs. illegal, English speaking vs. other, pro-life vs. pro-choice, most vs. Muslim and those who contribute and those that cannot or choose not to work. Their division goes on and on!

The masses are being ignorantly manipulated and divided to attack and ultimately destroy one another. One could expect the masses will accomplish their plan creating havoc and destroying each other while the puppet masters retreat to their safe houses and safe zones.

Now, an official form of theft known as, Civil Asset Forfeiture allows government agencies to take private property from good, law abiding citizens to line their personal administrative coffers. In 2014 this law allowed local, state and national authorities to confiscate $4.5 billion of citizen’s assets without a warrant or filing any charges against the citizen. That number rose again in 2015 whereby our government legally confiscated more private property from its citizens, more than ALL the total property stolen by thieves and felons in America combined.

This is banana republic stuff! America is vanishing and because it is ‘extractive,’ meaning that the system is designed for the benefit of the establishment. The system is rigged against you! You can see this most notably in finance; central bankers have held interest rates down to practically zero for eight years in order to bail out large banks. The federal government has stolen from the retiree that had planned to live on safe investments from bank savings interest. The government has decimated the prospects for retirees, responsible savers, and most of all, young people. It’s no wonder that the Middle Class no longer comprises the largest segment of the U.S. population, according to Pew Research. Joseph Stieglitz confirmed that the very existence of extreme wealth is an indicator of rents. Competition drives profit down, such that it becomes impossible to become wealthy without market failures. Every good business strategy seeks to exploit one market failure or the other in order to generate excess profits for themselves.

The bottom-line is that the extreme wealth being created today is disproportionately generated by a small portion of the economy called financial markets. Today it isn’t even paper wealth but virtual digital wealth increasingly transferred to the .005% through manipulation, fraud, and deception in the markets. So what are you doing to avoid their fraud or are you arrogant enough to believe that you can play alongside of them? Well I got news for you, ”It’s a big club and you and I aren’t in it!” –George Carlin

This ‘sic’ economy depends on the central bank for NEARLY free money. It guarantees that profits are private while losses are shifted to the taxpaying public. There is much more theft to come!

A few citizens today are awakening and fed up they are deciding to take back their control. It is increasingly more affordable to renounce their citizenship and exit quietly. Our government‘s taxation and regulations have become so oppressive that their livelihood has been diminished. Our government will NEVER admit their fault for their self-created economic and budget problems but I’d bet that their solution will AGAIN be higher taxation, more entitlements and another war.

My web master moved to Ecuador 2 years ago to raise his standard of living. He explained to me that they felt they were simply existing living in Illinois. He knew that they would never be able to retire comfortably because they could never be able to afford to quit working. He had gone through all the stages and emotions of loss from denial and isolation, to anger, bargaining, depression, and finally in acceptance and apathy gave in admitting that America was no longer their home!

Insolvent governments always make laws to keep them afloat stealing from their constituents. History has shown time and time again that bankrupt governments always cannibalize their constituents before they ultimately collapse. Do you trust anything they do today? Do you want government in charge of your last wealth so they can plunder it as well? Do you trust that the markets are intact and always return income on your investments? Don’t be fooled! Position yourselves immediately to reduce the plunder of your assets or you will receive “your just reward”. You will suffer reacting to the devastation they will bring because eventually government always comes for everything you own!

Roxy Lewis writes articles at  a Better Business A+ rated reputable brokerage offering silver and gold at transparent pricing at just 1% or less commission. I hold a B.S. Degree from Iowa State University and 35 years’ experience in human resources, management, investments, personal property development and entrepreneurial business development. I write to awaken and educate the populace to become self-sufficient and abandon and remove themselves from a failing system in order to defend and preserve their life’s assets.

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