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Unveiling the Wizards of Oz

January 1, 1999

John Coleman (1992), a former MI6 agent of the elite British Secret Service, in his book "Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300" provides as remarkable Orwellian expose of a group of elite men and women who have influenced virtually every part of our lives over the past 200 years. These are the Committee of 300; the Olympians; the Wizards of Oz.

Before we proceed, I encourage every reader to read for the incredible forensic geopolitical analysis by Coleman. Coleman's work reminds us that we must remain vigilant and keen students of history in order to understand our current reality.

Coleman shines a bright light in the dark corners of our shadowy world. His writings has provided more golden threads which have been missing from the global quilt I weave. At last Coleman offers evidence that provides answers to so many questions about the who, why and how of our current financial, economic, environmental and social conditions.

Coleman notes: "Certainly a number of us are aware that the people running our government are not the people who are really in control of political and economic matters, domestic or foreign….people walk in great darkness, mostly not caring or bothering to find out where their country is headed….we frequently hear about "they"….(yet)…no one seems able to clearly identify who "they" are." Coleman compares his warning of this subversive group (the Committee of 300) to the warning issued by the Bavarian government when the secret plans of Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati fell into their hands. He shows us that intelligence services teach that the best way to hide something is to place it in open view.

Coleman weaves an incredible and well researched web of strategic and psychological warfare waged by this closely knit group whose ultimate goal is "the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution and the merging of the U.S. with a godless One World-New World Order Government." This too was the vision of Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati (18th Century) and Albert Pike, Grand Mason of the United States in the 19th Century. (please see "Trick or Treat? Novus Ordo Seclorum and China" where I discuss the Illuminati and George Bushes' famous "thousand points of light" reference).

Through the Club of Rome, the foreign-policy arm of the Committee of 300, an agenda has long been in place to move to a smaller—much smaller—and "better world" where "myriad of useless eaters consuming scarce natural resources were to be culled." This disdain for the average man was also shared by Weishaupt and others. Coleman argues that the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300, have advocated a zero-industrial zero-growth policy for third world countries to ensure that control over their resources and people may be assured. Any national ownership, energy self-sufficiency, and monetary sovereignty was to be subverted. Coleman notes that the entire "environmentalist" movement and the limit-to-growth theories of the Club of Rome were a deliberate "drag" to plant anxieties over resource scarcity to justify such draconian foreign affairs and trade practices with so-called developing nations. Dominion over these peoples, their resources, and financial systems would be assured.

Coleman paints a bleak picture where think-tanks such as the Tavistock Institute, Stanford Research Institute and the Institute for Social Relations act as advisors and play a guiding role in shaping opinions and minds of nations in a form of psychological warfare unprecedented in human history yet borrowed from the lessons learned in the saturation bombings of Germany and Japan that eventually led to a surrender of the people.

The Club of Rome, as Coleman describes, is an umbrella organization, " a marriage between Anglo-American financiers (the European and American merchant/commercial bankers) and the old Black Nobility families of Europe, particularly the nobility of the House of Windsor in London." Coleman describes their techniques and key to control is "their ability to create and manage savage economic recessions and eventual depressions…creating masses of people all over the world who will become its "welfare' recipients of the future."

Aurellio Pecceci, who headed the Atlantic Institute's Economic Council, was the chief architect of the Club of Rome, the most powerful foreign policy arm of the Committee of 300; the other being the Bilderbergers. It was put together in 1968 in a new and urgent drive to speed up the plans of the a "One World Government" (something Adam Weishaupt had also envisioned; Pecceci actually noted that he felt like Weishaupt "reincarnated"). Pecceci summoned some of the most subversive "future planners" from Europe, the U.S. and Japan. Pecceci wrote in his book "Human Quality" that "For the first time since the first millenium was approached in Christendom, large masses of peoples are really in suspense about the impending advent of something unknown which could change their collective fate entirely….Man does not know how to be a truly modern man…Man invented the story of the Bad Dragon, but if ever there was a bad dragon, IT WAS MAN HIMSELF….Here we have the human paradox: man trapped by his extraordinary capacity and achievements, as in a quick-sand – the more he uses his power the more he needs it." Pecceci goes on to argue that "Since man has opened Pandora's Box of new technologies, he has suffered uncontrolled human proliferation, the mania of growth, energy crises, actual or potential resource scarcities, degradation of the environment, nuclear folly and a host of related afflictions."

Based on this thinking the "Limits to Growth" position was developed by Pecceci and others at the Club of Rome whereby they dismissed industrial and agricultural progress and in its place demanded that the world come under one coordinating council (a One World Government or Order) in which natural resources would have to be allocated under the auspices of global planning. Such governance would naturally extent to monetary policy, trade, commerce, justice and religion.

THEIR Agenda

Coleman provides details of the agenda of the Committee of 300, also known as the Olympians. As the Illuminati before them, they believe they have been charged with the divine right to:

  1. A One World Government-New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction.
  2. The utter destruction of all national identity and national pride.
  3. The destruction of religion, especially the Christian religion (Freemasonry also views the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church as its goal).
  4. Control of each and every person through means of mind control, technotronics, advertisement.
  5. An end to all industrialization and the production of nuclear generated electric power in post-industrial zero-growth society…where unemployables will become either opium-heroine addicts and or coccaine addicts.
  6. Legalization of drugs and pornography.
  7. Depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia.
  8. Suppression of scientific development (e.g. fusion experiments) except for those deemed beneficial by the Committee (eg. genetic engineering).
  9. Cause by means of limited wars in the advanced countries (e.g. Yugoslavia), and by means of starvation and diseases in Third World countries, the death of 3 billion people by the year 2,000, people they call "useless eaters."
  10. Weaken the moral fiber of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labor class by creating mass unemployment. Demoralized and discouraged workers will turn to alcohol and drugs destroying the family unit. (the Tavistock Institute directed Stanford Research, under Professor Willis Harmon, to develop a blueprint as to how this could be achieved).
  11. To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then "managing" such crises. This would confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result.
  12. To introduce new cults and continue those already functioning including many "Tavistock Institute" created rock groups.
  13. To press for the spread of religious cults, including the Jim Jones and "Son of Sam" experiments.
  14. To export "religious liberation" ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions but especially the Christian religion.
  15. To cause a total collapse of the world's economies and engender total political chaos.
  16. To take control of all foreign and domestic policies of the United States (note: there are now sufficient emergency Executive Orders in place brought in by President Clinton that could be exercise by Clinton or a future George Bush Jr. as President).
  17. To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the UN, the IMF, the BIS, the World Court, and as far as possible making local/national institutions of lesser effect by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the United Nations.
  18. Penetrate and subvert all governments, and work within them to destroy the foreign integrity of nations represented by them.
  19. Organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus and negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place.
  20. Take control of education in America, particularly over economic policy that promote Malthusian limits to growth ideas.

You can ask yourself how many of these 20 agenda items have we not already witnessed in our short life time? While Coleman may not been entirely accurate on all, there is little doubt that he raises some fundamental questions as to what is going on in the world and why.

The modus operandi of the Committee of 300 can be distilled into "control will be exercised through the Committee and through global planning and crisis management." If one retraces history one begins to see threads that begin to make sense and come together into an intricate quilt, a global union, a global plan implemented, in part, through the intentional instigation of crisis that "stampede" the threads (the people) into alignment with a desired pattern or outcome.

The art and craft of these Committee of 300 have roots that date back to the opium trade and the East India Company. The opium trade by the East India Company flourished for decades and continues to this day in the form of heroine. It has provided millions in cash and gold flows from India through China, through Hong Kong and then to the rest of the globe. According to Coleman millions of Chinese coulees (opium addicts) were intentionally created by the British East India Company that ensured a constant demand and cash flow. This also involved a considerable trade in gold bullion through Hong Kong since opium traders often demanded payment in gold. The trade became so lucrative that the House of Windsor in London (the King or Queen of England) began to exact its own share of the lucrative opium trade. Even the Chinese Communists under Mao Tse Tung could not resist the temptation of the lucrative trade flow and eventually also engaged in rent collection. To this day the trade continues.

Their tentacles reach to all levels in government and society…they exist in the shadows and are governed by a spirit that binds them in a loose fraternity. Their name is Legion. To name names is irrelevant. What is important is to recognize their fingerprints on the events that are even now unfolding in the world.

The Global Union Quilt Hypothesis

Based on these many small threads of information and knowledge it is now possible to pose a hypothesis and let each day's news provide evidence to confirm or refute this theory:

The Global Union Quilt Hypothesis is as follows:

Today's unprecedented global events, the potential for a complete systems collapse (both natural and human constructs), and the development of new global systems of trade, investment (MAI), and monetary policies are deliberately planned events organized by a select powerful fraternity of the world's most powerful corporate and political elite (the Wizards of Oz or the illumined ones), with the immeasurable guidance of a spiritual force that sustains their spiritual zeal to achieve the desired outcome: a global union, global dominion, a One World Government.

Examination of the last 100 years of history reveals important shreds of secular and spiritual evidence. Indeed the greatest difficulty in proving or disproving this hypothesis is the lack of complete evidence. At this stage the Olympians learned from the mistake of Adam Weishaupt and have effectively eliminated the possibility that their "blueprint" would fall into the hands of a more enlightened authority. Nevertheless, even partial evidence is sufficient to begin this investigation and unveiling of the Wizards of Oz.

These enlightened (illuminati) ones were filled with a spirit of rebellion, restlessness and desire to escape what they perceived as the shackles of feudalism, monarchies (with religious roots) and the hierarchical Roman Catholic Church. Most accept these rebellions as a legitimate desire for freedom from the apparent oppression and tyranny of the monarchies and feudalism of Medieval European societies. However, some argue that the French Revolution and other rebellions provided a portal for the spirit of rebellion to enter as a dangerous cancerous mustard seed replicating itself so as to begin destroying the social, spiritual and economic fabric of Europe and eventually America. Key individuals, rarely mentioned in history books, were key disciples of this rebellion including Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati (the illumined ones), in Europe in 1776 and Albert Pike, Grand Supreme Master of the Masonic Lodge in the United States in the early 1800s.

Historians may one day look back and ponder the reasons why such an agenda could have been so successfully implemented with such a massing dumbing down and numbing of the human spirit to accept such tyranny and dominion. We have become complacent in our creature comforts as Pecceci so cynically noted years ago. There are many events that leave us wondering if they could be connected to the Committee of 300 agenda. These three events include: a) the establishment of the U.S. Federal Reserve system in 1917; 2) the Great Depression; and 3) Brettons Wood monetary policy reforms that put in place after World War II led to the establishment of the IMF, World Bank and the continuation of the BIS (Bank for International Settlements). Today we see many other signs of their work.

It is often said that to understand where we are going requires an understanding of where we have been. Indeed, to understand why we are on the verge of a full scale global economic and monetary systems collapse requires a study of the seeds of this destruction that were planted many years ago. Moreover, it is important to understand who were the key actors and architects of the systems we currently observe as crumbling and to what end the destruction of this once useful mathematical construct has ceased to provide utility. Indeed, we are on the verge of chaos.

The entire world is about to be awakened by a baptism in fire with the collapse the economic and monetary systems as we have known them for some 50 years. The dominos have already begun to fall and to believe that the US and Europe are immune is to be dreaming in color. The mathematical genetic code of destruction cannot be turned off once the virus has begun to take hold of the host.

Was this all planned or are we just unfortunate bystanders or products of bad timing? Was all this engineered to occur at this point in history and if so by whom and for what purpose? Are there indeed Wizards of Oz that exist today or have they indeed to relegated to the dust heap of history?

It would be easy to have a scapegoat for our current problems but we need only look in the mirror to realize that the plank is as much in our eyes as in the Wizards of Oz who have manufactured the illusion and the systems we are now addicted to. It would be easy to point to a Rothschild or Rockefeller as the source our cultural cancer and even prescribe a treatment.

If the collapse of the current systems is indeed a mathematical probability, which I would concur with many authors it is, then one must ask why now and what next? Some could observe the phenomenon of a world financial collapse and suggest that it could have been carefully orchestrated to occur at this precise point in history as if for meet some other and higher spiritual goal. Indeed I have argued that the secular and spiritual world are only degrees of separation. If power, money, wealth and greed are false idols and the antithesis of love, freedom and peace as evil is to good, then it could be argued that the orchestration of these events at this stage in history may be setting the stage for the imposition of a spiritual agenda of evil that will find its ultimate zenith with the construction of total and absolute power over money, politics and religion into the hands of a few centralist dictators. Indeed, the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a dictatorial few, as in communist centralist systems, is the ultimate triumph of a spirit which seeks dominion and control over freedom, chaos over peace. This concentration of power and wealth leads to the strong temptation and lust for ultimate control and the tyrannical zeal for the control of rights and freedoms, indeed the relinquishing of rights and freedoms to be replaced by the crumbs of a benevolent centralist dictatorship. We are quickly enroute to that reality.

It can be argued that the very actions of these One World powerful men and women is paving the way and feeding the insatiable appetite of a spiritual entity whose ultimate triumph is the dominion of all human kind and enslavement to the idolatry of money and power. The Wizards of Oz, it could be argued, are simply setting the ground work to feed the appetite of a beast whose appetite for the enslavement of souls knows no bounds.

Hope Runs Eternal

The spiritual realm of this issue cannot be ignored. Our own salvation is at stake. The line between secular realities and the spiritual world becomes blurred. We cannot ignore the human condition of the co-existence of good and evil.

The solution to our current economic conundrum cannot be found in the constructs of the past systems nor in the construction of new elaborate and centralized systems being devised by the Global Unionists and New World Government fraternity. The solutions lie in the exercise of individual rights and freedoms, of free will and a return to diverse and resilient local markets and the return to healthy and viable communities. The real solution to our human condition must come with the absolute destruction of the current centralized Babel-system being developed, rendering power, money and wealth useless and replaced by a new era of reconciliation, sharing, and love. Against all odds we must remain a people of hope.

We can already see the destruction of the current system unfolding. The challenge is whether we will awaken from our slumber and have the wisdom to read the signs and the courage to act through freewill against the temptation to default to the New World Order image of a centralist and dictatorial world. We can create our own future e gifted with intellect, discernment, and wisdom to choose wisely the things of earth and to love the things of heaven. The choice we face is an individual one.

In the end we are naked and return to dust no matter how many pieces of silver are found in our pockets at the end of our day. Our lives will be measured in terms of how we used the gifts we were given in service to others and in stewardship of the "garden" in which we live and have our being.

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