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When The Financial Stealing Ends

September 17, 2013

Tomorrow, outgoing Federal Reserve Chairman B.S. Bernanke will do one of two things (while his “friends and supporters” continue to sharpen their knives). He will either (formally/finally) announce the absurdly-hyped “tapering” he has promised; or he will back-down on yet another Exit Strategy – as he has done again and again for the past 4 ½ years.

My own prediction, expressed in my last commentary is that this time the Boy Who Cried Exit Strategy will actually follow through on a promise – because he has been ordered to detonate the severely-crippled U.S. economy. The “signposts” couldn’t be more obvious: record equity prices; maximum leverage in markets (can you say “bubble”?). The perfect time to Fleece the Sheep.

As was pointed out in that commentary, even the propaganda machine itself has now explicitly stated that this is the worst possible time to begin “tapering” – and they (deliberately) left out the best argument to make that point. The U.S. pseudo-recovery (in historical terms) is already well past its expiry-date.

This detonation is being timed when the government knows that a cyclical downturn must commence in the U.S. economy, compounding all the structural weaknesses which have never been addressed: mass unemployment, Great Depression-wages, saturation insolvency at all levels of government, etc., etc., etc.

Readers have also been warned about the utterly predictable chapter to follow this staged crash: “bail-ins” come to North America. South of the border; the Wall Street Vampires have created assorted asset-bubbles – to entice the “suckers” whom P.T. Barnum assured us are born every day, and create plenty of their own “bad debts”, for which they will (once again) demand indemnification.

North of the border, as has also been previously explained; Stephen Harper has manufactured a fat, juicy housing-bubble – a direct “homage” to the previous U.S. housing-bubble, in that Harper has deliberately duplicated that blueprint of destruction in nearly every respect. Canada’s Conservative government has also been (by far) the most-blatant in declaring its “bail-in” intentions; crafting these rules-for-stealing into its current Budget. A “sense of urgency” perhaps?

As always, the Corporate Media propaganda machine never, ever asks (let alone answers) the question “what comes next?” As we are being marched toward a new, staged “crash”; it behooves us to look back at the last staged-crash – the Crash of ’08 – which the Banksters detonated precisely five years ago.

The promise when the stealing began (five years ago), when suddenly “too big to fail” mega-banks (subsidiaries of the One Bank) began pillaging our public Treasuries via “bail-outs” was simple: this will “fix our economies.” Five years later; we see every aspect of that first phase of stealing was fraudulent.

The mega-banks were never “too big to fail”. Such a term is logically/mathematically/economically perverse and absurd. What these Big Banks demonstrated in the most blatant terms possible (via blackmailing our governments for countless $trillions in extortion demands) is that they had become too big to exist.

We now see that the second half of this paradigm-of-theft was also, utterly fraudulent. The stealing done post-2008 was never/could never be honestly called “bail-outs.” By definition; bail-outs extricate the Debtors from their financial difficulties. Had this first phase of stealing actually been a bail-out; we would never have begun discussions for the second phase of stealing (“bail-ins”), because (obviously) it would never have been necessary.

The reality is that all of the “bail-outs” which took place in Phase One of this stealing were merely a down-payment in the eyes of the One Bank. The only reason that bail-outs are now “out” is because all of our public Treasuries have been emptied.

A new system of stealing was necessary, because “bail-outs” fixed nothing – and the One Bank was still hungry. Behold Phase Two: moving from the simple/direct pillaging of sovereign treasuries to the targeted theft of private assets: bail-ins – stealing from any individuals who still have anything left to steal. And so we saw the utterly transparent, utterly choreographed Cyprus Steal.

The absurdity here is only exceeded by the audacity of the One Bank. It stages its small theft in tiny, out-of-the-way theft Cyprus, has its drones in the Corporate Media declare this to be a “precedent” (rubber-stamped by all of our Puppet Governments); and now (supposedly) this makes all future acts of theft-via-bail-in “legal”.

It is pseudo-logic which would not/could not fool a small child: because one gets away with a Crime once, that Crime is now “legal.” A new “legal defense” would materialize in court-rooms around the Western world: career-criminals arguing that our “justice”(?) systems are precluded from prosecuting their new crimes (no matter how serious), because they had failed to prosecute old crimes – making those old crimes now “legal precedents”, immunizing them from prosecution.

Our governments rubber-stamp the stealing because they are bought-and-paid-for Stooges. The slack-jawed Serfs who comprise the vast majority of Western populations don’t think at all. They have been thoroughly/completely brainwashed; their minds simply turned off.

But still we are engaged in mere tip-of-the-iceberg analysis; discussing how this stealing has begun. In order to properly comprehend the monstrous betrayal currently taking place in our societies, we need simply extrapolate the current dynamics to their obvious and inevitable conclusion. When will the stealing end?

If bail-outs simply begat bail-ins; the ultra-obvious (but never-asked) question is “where do bail-ins lead?” The reason the question is never asked is because the answer is equally obvious: they lead nowhere.

Commencing the theft of private assets because all of the public assets have already been stolen is not an “economic strategy”, except for the Thieves themselves (and their Lackeys in government). It exhibits no more rationality/thought than that of the lemming: running in a new direction simply because it’s no longer possible to continue running in the old direction.

But as with the lemmings; we are very obviously “running” to nowhere – except the most-obvious of financial chasms: absolute economic rape, as first the One Bank steals all public and private assets, and then our Traitor Governments (like the pathetic Choir that they are) collectively announce their insolvency.

Debt Jubilee occurs, and everyone’s debts are wiped clean: yours, mine, our governments, the One Bank’s. Hurray! One, small problem? All assets are now held (surprise! surprise!) by the One Bank; absolute economic slavery. Or, as stated in a recent commentary:

…Repeat again (and again and again) until the One Bank goes from a paltry “40% control” of the global economy to 100% ownership.

As previously pointed out (in elementary logic); “bail-outs” – the beginning of the too-big-to-fail mythology – were conclusive economic/empirical proof that the One Bank’s “Big Bank” subsidiaries had become too big to exist.

Similarly, Phase Two of this stealing (i.e. “bail-ins”) is equally conclusive economic/empirical proof that our debts are too-big-to-exist. Commencing the indiscriminate stealing of private assets and justifying it simply as the only means to keep the System from imploding is obviously no “justification” at all:

“Congratulations Doctor! The Operation was a success…unfortunately all of your patients died.”

Sacrificing all of us to “save the System” cannot even be elevated to the level of madness. We are the System. This is mere suicide, except where the suicide Victims are so comatose with apathy (via brainwashing) that they simply sit back passively – as ready-and-willing Psychopaths ‘accommodate their desires’ by (economically) slitting their throats.

When does the Stealing end? Will it only end (as appears now) when there is literally nothing left to steal? Or; will the Serfs open their eyes, give their heads a shake, get off of the couch, and say “stop the Stealing now”? History is not encouraging.


Jeff Nielson

Jeff NielsonJeff Nielson is co-founder and managing partner of Bullion Bulls Canada; a website which provides precious metals commentary, economic analysis, and mining information to readers/investors. Jeff originally came to the precious metals sector as an investor around the middle of last decade, but soon decided this was where he wanted to make the focus of his career. His website is

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