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Who Is Watching the American Roof?

November 25, 2002

I wonder what it would be like to be a middle ages peasant whose entire lifetime of information equals about what I get in a good five hour Internet session. Mind you, our society is heading toward serfdom at a rapid clip. The people are ready. Michael Jackson dangles a baby off a five story hotel balcony, while in Berlin to accept an award for "service to children" no less. Another young man from Yacolt, Washington not only has a pet rattlesnake, but felt compelled to kiss it, with nearly fatal results. Plus our esteemed President Pretzel was officially called a "moron" by a senior aide to the Canadian Prime Minister. Yet another educational survey found that our young people don't know anything at all except how to drool at Britney Spears. The globalists have won the first round hands down I think. From the moron in charge, to the morons all around me it's obvious to me that the final phase has begun. We are, if nothing else, reaching a critical mass of sheer stupidity that is truly awe inspiring to watch unfold. The gene pool has been drained; daily life consists of all the dying things wiggling around in their oxygen deprived and media covered glory. Maybe we should just call America: Jackass the society and get it over with.

Stupidity and corruption reign unmolested everywhere in both the American and global economic sphere. The American stock investors have lost nearly 8 trillion dollars in value; yet, they still haven't figured out the game is rigged. We just had a rally based on October retail sales not doing anything at all. They neither went up, or down, but stayed flat and that sparked 143 billion in fiat money profit. This stock rally was based on the idea that since a 1.3% drop in September was bad; then, doing nothing in October must be good. I realize Wall Street is a $340 billion business based on lies, cheating and conning people, but really. Mr. Pitt is no longer with us and he has taken Mr. Webster with him. Mr. Pitt's fatal mistake reflects something I learned in the United States Army nearly thirty years ago. I call it the burn ratio. If a private's actions are like a bic lighter and embarrass a sergeant, then the sergeant will take a flame thrower and toast the private. An officer will use a napalm bomb on both the private and the sergeant.. Mr. Pitt made President Bush look like more of a moron than he truly is. For that, the Prez sent in one of those CIA predators and unleashed a missile that left Mr. Pitt out of a job.

Mr. Pitt's real failure was that the vaccine law Mr. Bush and Wall Street cooked up was a highly publicized failure. This law, as Charles Schwab called it, was "ludicrous." The whole idea of it was to take a little bit of actual regulation, inject it into Wall Street and then hope this would prevent the disease of effective regulation. This vaccine law system is widely used at all levels of government and is designed to fight off real and true reform with just enough to hoodwink the sheeple with the illusion the "system is doing something." The system will never allow anything to interfere with the looting it sanctions to enrich itself. The state of the American stock market is one where the fundamental illusion of fair play and honest information has been publicly shown to be a fraud. The proposed "solution" has collapsed in chaos and been shown to be a farce. The stock market is now at a critical juncture. At what point will people withdraw? We are headed towards year three of losses. There are some intense structural stresses being exposed in the American economy by the reduction in stock market wealth, much like tree stumps in a lake suffering from an extended drought. 2003 will be the year these things kick in.

The current condition of the American and global economy, versus the media spin control fantasy is d to the third, deep do do. Everywhere I look I see looming economic chaos. Whether we are talking about Japan, yet again, or Europe, South America, Africa or whoever: they are all in economic trouble. Every single one of them, even Asia and China. Argentina has now officially defaulted on the main part of its IMF loans and is seeking to work things out. There is a whole wave of economic problems that will reach critical mass soon. TSWHTF shortly after the first of the year and will directly affect most of my readers living in the United States. Virtually every single state, county and city government is in fiscal crisis. New York City is facing a one billion dollar shortfall before December 31st and then a $500 billion dollar a month one for next year alone. Philadelphia is looking at a "fiscal calamity" and plans to cut 10% of its work force over the next five years. It has the same number of employees it had 40 years ago when it had one third more people. I'm telling you people: the election is over and its Savings and Loan time all over again. BOHICA!! Up here in Oregon we have 7% unemployment, soaring hunger and a system in freefall. California is looking at a $23 billion shortfall, Washington state is cutting deeply. Oregon revenues were down 16% last year. Oregon is looking at a 16 billion dollar PERS, state employee pension fund shortfall. We have a three year income surcharge on the ballot in January. Virtually every money measure in the state outside of Portland was toasted in the election. You need to understand something. The county, city and state physical infrastructure of the United States is going to start shutting down a little after the first of the year. When that happens, we are going to start seeing some serious civil unrest. Did you really think all this urban warfare training was for Baghdad? They know what's coming and they know its coming here in America. What do you think is going to happen in California when they figure out the $23 billion isn't there?

As for the FEDS, they have been lying for decades. The Federal Debt was around 5 trillion in 1997 and now is over 6 trillion. So how can you have all the widely reported budget surplus' when your debt goes up $200 billion a year? You can't, but nobody reads the fine print and the pigs control the press and use it for a perpetual lie machine. It doesn't matter any more anyway. The unrest will start at the local level and then head up the chain of oppression. One of the things a failing political, economic and military empire does is concentrate all power in fewer hands. Just as a drowning person latches onto a would be rescuer with a death grip, America is drowning and the dazed elite is now latching onto what can only be called fascism with a death grip. It will do them no good economically or politically to do so. I'm not interested in the raging debates over Poindexter and the Pentagon and the like. They are simply not a factor anymore. I know what the system intends to do. They will just not have time to do it. These economic and political actions are ones of a desperate elite that has no idea of what to really do. The American elite has failed; they know it; the point of all this is to convince you that they haven't. What's going on is their version of the bigwigs heading for the airport while the palace guard fights off the rabble. Our leaders are really gutless shits and are scared out of what little wits they have.

If you understand that he who tries to control all information understands nothing, then why would you do what they are trying to do? If you understand how big the economy really is, why would you try to monitor every single transaction? These are the actions of fools. If your problem is not the collection of information, but speedy analysis and getting that analysis to the right people, then why would you create a system that makes that impossible? True, they are trying to control the domestic population, but even there they will fail. America simply doesn't have the time left to implement these grand schemes. The one action we could take that would be effective; namely, patrolling our borders we won't do for PC reasons. It's a farce and now it will become a blood stained tragic farce.

My title came for an old Planet of the Apes movie I saw way back in the 1970's. There was a scene where the humans marched up in their tight little disciplined square and proceeded to shoot a whole lot of screaming apes down the street. Unfortunately, the humans didn't look up at the roof and see the apes throwing nets down on them, jumping down and killing them and then taking over the world. I think this is a good a definition of what's being called 4th generation warfare, or asymmetrical warfare that the Pentagon is talking about. I don't think they understand it, but they use the term.

My readers need to understand something else too. The United States is in an asymmetrical warfare situation with our economy as the primary target. We are thinking bombing Taliban with B-52's and they are thinking blowing up a Bali nightclub. We are playing checkers and they are playing chess. The recent events in Maryland are a prime example of what I'm talking about. The system was shown to be impotent, arrogant and unable to maintain any shred of normalcy. The result of that was a nearly 20% drop in consumer confidence and activity over a large swath of the east coast. That's the reality of asymmetrical warfare; that's what we face, probably when we invade Iraq. I have my doubts that most of my fellow citizens will deal with that well. For sure, the system elite knows they won't. Keeping this in mind many recent economic actions bear more scrutiny. The elite is preparing for economic collapse even while they lie to you: Y2K all over again. All of the recent economic, political and military actions of the US government are designed for a post economic collapse world.

I will give you one final example before I conclude. The Bush administration just screwed disabled WW2 veterans over their medical care. The reason is there isn't enough money. So, ask yourself this: If the government is willing to screw over wounded combat veterans, then exactly what does full faith and credit mean? Does it apply to social security in 20 years? No, since these retirement promises mean nothing if the government wants them to mean nothing. I'm telling you this court ruling is a huge dot as they say. It is the official government repudiation of the doctrine of full faith and credit. THE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE CAN BE REPUDIATED AT WILL BY THE GOVERNMENT WHENEVER IT WANTS TO. The court ruling will stand. There was one a few years earlier that the government had no legal obligation to protect an individual from crime. The day is coming when the US government will simply say, "OOPS". Got guns and ammo; got gold; got preps; got a self reliant attitude; got heritage seeds?

The average American needs to understand Islam is at war with our debt based economic system. Malaysia is spearheading the gold dinar which they want to use to price oil and replace the fiat dollar. The Muslim masses have started an effective boycott of all American products. The Iranian Coca-Cola substitute called Zim-Zam or something has replaced Coke in Saudi Arabia. Forget about our aircraft carriers and focus on the vulnerability of our economy. They are targeting our economy and winning. That was their goal all along. Increase the costs and destroy us just as we broke the Soviet Union. They are using our own cold war tactics against us and our leadership doesn't even understand what's going on. We will find out after the first of the year.

The great wither or collapse debate has been answered. Those of you who think we will have the long, slow economic slide were stunned by the rapidity and breadth of the decline in economic activity in October in Maryland. Absolutely, we will get what Israel is dealing with and it will cause the same economic effects. Mr. Bin Laden will never kick us out of the Middle-East; we will, like the Romans, withdraw when the costs get too high. A brilliant strategy designed to a tee for use against the world's only superpower.

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