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In their May letter, Paul Brodsky and Lee Quaintance of QB Asset Management in New York argue that the investment case for gold is to a great extent a matter of its likely official revaluation upward to support confidence-based currencies...
You may recall that your secretary/treasurer long has lamented "the rich countries insisting on being poor," the still-developing countries with large gold resources and even large gold production that nevertheless have declined to...
Today, on account of Russia's war against Ukraine, a worldwide currency war is raging as well and it is largely a war over gold.
Gold Newsletter editor Brien Lundin today calls attention to a new report by Myrmikan Capital's Dan Oliver about the gold price that would be necessary for U.S. gold reserves to back the dollar at levels that once were traditional:
Despite Wednesday's rather sensational inflation news, inflation isn't accelerating as much as it is breaking away from the camouflage that long has been thrown over it by the U.S. government and mainstream financial news organizations.
How will financial news organizations and gold and silver market analysts explain tonight's smashing of monetary metals prices in the futures market?
Having just gotten from the Bank of England an exemption from the "Basel 3" protocol that threatened to make the "paper gold" business prohibitively expensive for bullion banks, the London Bullion Market Association announced yesterday...
Among the many analytical reports arguing that economic fundamentals are such that the gold price should rise sharply, the annual "In Gold We Trust" reports by Incrementum AG in Liechtenstein always have provided the most supporting...
At least the Financial Times now has come clean about its hostility to gold – as well as to free markets and elementary journalism.
The recent monthly statements of account published by the Bank for International Settlements indicate that the bank is still actively trading gold swaps, which the bank uses to gain access to gold held by commercial banks.

Nevada accounts for 75% of U.S. gold production.

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