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At least the Financial Times now has come clean about its hostility to gold – as well as to free markets and elementary journalism.
The recent monthly statements of account published by the Bank for International Settlements indicate that the bank is still actively trading gold swaps, which the bank uses to gain access to gold held by commercial banks.
Ross Norman, proprietor of venerable London bullion dealer Sharps Pixley, writes today, "Gold is struggling to find friends." Is Norman himself one? It apparently depends on the day.
In an essay at the Monetary Metals blog headlined "Backwardation, the Bank of England, and Falling Prices" -- the firm's vice president of operations, Bron Suchecki, offers an explanation of one of the anomalies of the gold market,...
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Oh, for a journalist who would put a few serious questions to Franco-Nevada Chairman Pierre Lassonde, former chairman of the World Gold Council, when he says, as he told Daniela Cambone of Kitco News this week...
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Our friend P.C. writes: "As a long-time GATA follower, I fully subscribe to the understanding that markets generally, and particularly the precious metal markets, are controlled to keep international exchange...
Cast your bread upon the waters, the Bible says somewhere, and pray that something comes back besides overweight seagulls. GATA does a lot of casting, usually without result, but you never know when and where someone will pick up on it,...
The Bank for International Settlements today refused to answer questions from the Gold Anti-Trust Anti-Trust Action Committee about the bank's activity in the gold market.
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: There's a little progress this week in the field of gold market analysis, for in his latest commentary, headlined: "Motive, Means, and Opportunity, But No Crime" --
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: In his essay this week, "The Case Against Gold as a Central Bank Asset" -- The economic historian and libertarian financial writer Gary North argues that central banks should get rid of their gold reserves.
Gold is used in following industries: Jewelry, Financial, Electronics, Computers, Dentistry, Medicine, Awards, Aerospace and Glassmaking.

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