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Clifford F. Thies

Clifford F. Thies is a Professor of Economics and Finance at Shenandoah University, He is the author, co-author, contributor and editor of more than a hundred books, encyclopedia entries and articles in scholarly journals.

He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Private Enterprise and is a former Bradley Resident Scholar at the Heritage Foundation. He is a past president of the faculty senates of Shenandoah University and the University of Baltimore. He also served in the U.S. Army and the Army Reserve.

Clifford F. Thies Articles

I've just completed my periodic update of business price expectations, including selling prices (the wavy solid line in the following chart) and buying prices (dashed line). I’ve juxtaposed these against actual inflation (the jagged solid...
Ready for "Pinkbacks," that is, for Federal Reserve notes with a pink hue? Yes, the Federal Reserve is continuing to experiment with new, more difficult-to-counterfeit paper money. First it was BIG FACES (along with the introduction of a...
With the revelation to the investing public of fraud and misrepresentation in the presentation of Enron’s financial statements--fraud and misrepresentation in which the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen appears to have been complicit--at...

78 percent of the yearly gold supply--is made into jewelry.

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