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David Serrano Ordozgoiti

David is a Ph.D. student in Ancient World Studies and has a bachelor's degree in History and a master's degree in History and Sciences of Antiquity from the Complutense and Autónoma Universities of Madrid. He has worked on several research projects on Antiquity at the Spanish National Research Council and the Epigraphic Archive of Hispania. David is the director of the journal Antesteria. Debates de Historia Antigua and collaborator of the journals Hispania EpigraphicaGerión and Boletín del Archivo Epigráfico de Hispania. He has also participated in archaeological excavations in Spain and Italy. His main line of research is the image of imperial power, especially during the 3rd century. David has written several articles in journals and book chapters and participated in many national and international congresses on this subject. In addition, he has also dealt in-depth with Roman religion, mainly through epigraphic sources, on which he has written several articles and book chapters and participated in several colloquiums and research projects.

David Serrano Ordozgoiti Articles

By the beginning of the fourth century, the Roman Empire had become a completely different economic reality from what it had been at the beginning of the first century. The denarius argenteus, the empire’s monetary unit during the first...

Gold is still being mined and refined at the rate of almost 2,600 tonnes per year.

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