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Before getting into the fundaments, let's briefly look at Metanor Resources from the perspective of a technician. "All charts are courtesy of" Weekly Technical Analysis Chart of Metanor Resources
 “Silver is rarer than gold. Period. There is less silver in the world, above ground than there is gold. That is easy to document. Since I have been harping on this point, no one has been able to refute it.”
"Because of the long-term structural deficit in silver, stretching back to World War II, we have consumed inventories for more than 60 years." -Ted Butler, "The Coming Silver Bubble" This essay will seek to prove what Mr. Butler and...
Part 1 David Zurbuchen
This purpose of this article is to examine the veracity of the claim made in the first line of my debut article "Silver: A Rare Opportunity" First, Some Helpful Conversion Factors, all of which I have made use of in my calculations below:...
As little as one hundred years ago, a silver dime paid a worker for a full days worth of work. At today's fire-sale prices, you can buy those same 90% silver dimes for about 60 cents each. In fact, for under $6000 dollars one can purchase...

A one-ounce gold nugget is rarer than a five-carat diamond.

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