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Investors think they can just throw a dart at a commodity and it will go up. I suspect next year will be a lot different. Over a year and a half where commodities have gone straight up, and some of them have gone straight up...
The gold cartel will have a lot easier time manipulating gold lower here with a stronger dollar. As I have said many times in the past, metals are the second most manipulated markets behind currencies. Governments have an inflation problem.
Another week- another 360,000 Plus people applying for first-time jobless benefits. More bad economic news to confirm that our economy is crumbling and that the only way stocks are staying elevated is through central banks “printing and...
Gold bugs tend to be emotional and tend to focus on metals and ignore any other trade or asset classes. Here is the problem as I see it, there is an inflation problem and the administration may try to control every commodity, but there are...
The gold cartel is going to attack gold as much as they can to keep commodity markets in check. The miners are playing out as I warned this would. The cartel would undercut the lows of the mining stocks, attacking the miners
Gold is probably at a resistance where it take another hit. I doubt the cartel will let gold get through on the first try.  Gold miners' bottom opportunity.
In a recent article gold analyst “Plunger” made the case that gold is in a cyclical bear market. In cycle terms he’s saying the 8 year cycle has topped. I’m going to agree with him that gold is stuck in a pattern of lower lows and lower...
Looks like they will be able to keep gold below the downtrend line this week, under $1,900. Silver is leading the metals!
This week my second son Joey turns 30 and my granddaughter Addie turns 3- just a day apart. The reason I bring this up is that we took a few days and visited Disney World in Florida.
Listen to what gold is saying. It’s not deflation that we have to worry about. We’re about to enter a multi-year period of rising inflation. Seriously did you think years of QE weren’t going to have consequences at some point.

Gold is impervious to rust.

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