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Goldbugs can be irrational when they sell 2 days before the FOMC meeting. They'll sell with gold testing this major support zone here at the 200-week moving average. They'll sell 50-plus days into a daily cycle. Irrational moves that...
Gary looks at the bloodbath phase bottoming and nearing the end in currencies as well as gold and silver. *********
Timing the bottom of the current gold downward phase perfectly is not critical to making a lot of money.
In today's video, Gary takes a long-term look at gold and injects some reality. Unfortunately, gold bugs and precious metals investors tend to be pretty emotional and too short-term-focused.********
In this video, Gary looks at some long-term cycles and makes some guesses about where we might be headed.
A look at the current bloodbath in gold on day 6 and as they normally last 5-7 days we may be near the bottom.
Gold appears to be in the middle of a bloodbath phase. They tend to run for about 5-7 days, but irrational downside targets may be signaling the end of the bloodbath phase.
In today's video, I'm gonna give gold investors and traders a pep talk. 
In today's video, Gary Savage discusses current trends in energy and gold.
Taking a look at the stock market. Kind of the same principles apply to stocks as they do gold and we're probably closer to a bottom than top.

The naturally occurring gold-silver alloy is called electrum.

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