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Big money always manufactures an exit rally for themselves. That is what we are seeing in the general markets now. The only thing that can save the US economy now from a recession is for oil to fall below $80.
If you want to trade gold on a short to medium term, you will need to understand the manipulation in the gold markets. Gold is set-up to fleece the gold bugs...
Looks like a daily cycle low. Is this gold price move for real, a bounce or a weird ICL that occurred in this consolidation.
One wrong trade on leverage and you can give up so much more of your prior gains! Gold has 4-6 weeks of grinding lower. *********
We might be moving into a minor daily cycle low. Gold came within a few dollars of its all-time record high and a profit taking event is underway here. Gold potential spots for a pullback bottom is around the $1,960 area but a more likely...
There are indications that this is the one when the gold cartel loses control. What makes me think this, the action in silver and mining stocks. Energy is becoming concerning. Anytime oil goes up too far, too fast, you can usually expect a...
This hasn't happened in about a year in a half, but gold has made (marginally) a higher-high. We have not yet seen follow-through, but this is typical. The second or third attempt is when we usually get a breakout.
Oil is very late, in a very mature move higher in oil prices and focusing their trades in energy and most certainly leveraging their trades in this two-years move higher. They are being forced to pick a top.  Everyone has become despondent...
Gold is approaching the resistance and it is doing so early on in the daily cycle. Not only does gold need to get through $1,835 area quickly, but also $1,880 within two weeks:
Gold broke the uptrend line and failed to breakout higher. Will the gold cartel be able to break the $1,750 area pivot? Trying to trade gold is nearly impossible in a market like this. *******

The California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848 when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma.

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