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In today's video, Gary takes a long-term look at gold and injects some reality. Unfortunately, gold bugs and precious metals investors tend to be pretty emotional and too short-term-focused.********
In this video, Gary looks at some long-term cycles and makes some guesses about where we might be headed.
A look at the current bloodbath in gold on day 6 and as they normally last 5-7 days we may be near the bottom.
Gold appears to be in the middle of a bloodbath phase. They tend to run for about 5-7 days, but irrational downside targets may be signaling the end of the bloodbath phase.
In today's video, I'm gonna give gold investors and traders a pep talk. 
In today's video, Gary Savage discusses current trends in energy and gold.
Taking a look at the stock market. Kind of the same principles apply to stocks as they do gold and we're probably closer to a bottom than top.
Gary Savage looks at gold and its expected volatility after the F1C meeting but that gold is doing what it typically does so far.
Breakouts late in the cycle usually fail.. USDX case in point. Gold has not been successfully pushed below the 200 dma. Trouble keeping the gold price suppressed with weaker USDX:
I think we're getting closer to that buy signal in the metals, gold and silver.

Gold has been discovered on every continent on earth.

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