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Justin Pugsley

Justin Pugsley, Markets Analyst for MahiFX, has over 20 years’ experience writing about markets, economics and finance. He has worked for a number of leading media organisations such as Agence France Presse (AFP), Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, Thomson-Reuters, British Sky Broadcasting and McGrawHill.

Justin Pugsley Articles

Inflation risks in the world economy could be ratcheting up, despite the winding down of the US Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing programme posing a new dilemma for central banks, which could have a considerable impact on forex markets.
Gold appears to have bottomed out and could be the in the process of making a comeback, albeit a timid one, which could gather momentum due to the world's increasingly unstable geopolitical environment.
Fever pitched political disputes and wars make for highly unpredictable environments and the flare- up in the Crimea certainly fits the bill. It has fuelled risk in the currency markets making USD and JPY look like safe bets for scared...
Who wants a strong currency? If that question was for an opinion poll of finance ministers and central bankers, the response would be a firm no one. But in reality, no poll is needed. The last couple of weeks’ action has spoken louder than...

India is perennially the world’s largest gold consumer.

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