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Kelsey Williams

Analyst, Author, and Owner of Kelsey's Gold Facts

Kelsey Williams has more than forty years experience in the financial services industry, including fourteen years as a full-service financial planner. His website, Kelsey's Gold Facts, contains self-authored articles written for the purpose of educating and informing others about gold within a historical context. In addition to gold, he writes about inflation and the Federal Reserve.


Kelsey Williams is available for private consultations, public speaking, and interviews at [email protected]

Kelsey Williams Articles

Gold at $2000 oz. today is the same as it was in 1980 at $600 oz. In other words, on an inflation-adjusted basis, gold is no more valuable today than it was forty-two years ago.
Today, more than ever before, focus is on the Federal Reserve. The general public has joined economists, financial analysts, and market participants in monitoring and parsing every statement regarding Fed action and policy.
Gold’s next big surprise could be on the downside. Continued strength in the US dollar throughout the current Russian – Ukrainian conflict is the indicator.
Before the recent gold price rally, gold advisors and investors had begun the deferral process associated with their short-term expectations for the price of gold.
There are two charts below for your observation. We will review each of them in sequence and then provide some commentary and conclusions.
Last week Goldman Sachs revealed its latest projection for the gold price… “In a report published Thursday, the bank (i.e. Goldman Sachs)said that it is raising its 12-month price forecast to $2,150 an ounce, up from its previous target of...
The Federal Reserve doesn’t know what to do.  Even worse, though, is that it probably doesn’t make much difference what they do – or don’t do. The definition of dilemma is: “a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between...
There seems to be an almost fanatical obsession with ‘fortune telling’ when it comes to the financial markets. Gold is no exception.
When most people talk about inflation, they are usually referring to the higher prices they pay for goods and services. That is not inflation.
The higher price for gold over time reflects the loss in purchasing power of the US dollar. The loss in the dollar’s purchasing power is an effect of inflation.

U.S. ranks third in world gold production with 240 tons per year

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