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While it has been a chore trying to find anything to write about other than the absurdity of the interventions of central banks today has provided some material which may be important going forward.
I have had a rough time for the last few weeks coming up with commentary that has anything new to say. It seems that we are bombarded day after day with talk of trade wars, tariffs and counter-tariffs.
Where Are We Going? There have been many times in the past when people would question the numbers coming out of China in regards to their growth rates, economic reports and statistics. In the past, I have seen many look at other metrics...
Many of you know that I have an affinity towards gold and silver mainly because it is no one else’s liability and I don’t have to rely on a promise to get repaid. “Gold is money- all else is debt” JP Morgan.
As I watch the financial game shows it seems obvious that they are trying to explain the market's recent struggles with the "Trade Wars" narrative. While this may have some bearing on what is going on does it seem strange to anyone else...
After many starts and stops over the past few years, the Chinese oil exchange launched on March 26, 2018 as I have been reporting for the past few weeks. This is a big deal. It appears to be a direct competitor to the US dollar in, right...

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