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Where do people pile their dollars in the End Game? We got a sneak preview this week, twice, as Iran and Israel both pretended to start World War III with mutual pretend bombing raids on each other telegraphed days in advance to the entire...
Gold has past $2,200 and silver is starting to catch up a bit, but this has been a commodity rally across the board, not specifically a gold or silver rally. That is yet to come.
Last week Rafi Farber detailed how the silver market is playing out the late 1970s almost exactly, and how we are currently situated in 1978. Well, it's not just silver. With gold at new all time highs and silver lagging, this was also the...
We are seeing something in the gold market that we haven't seen in 5 years, and the last time it happened, gold climbed from $1,167 to $2,090 - a near doubling - in less than two years.
2023 is over, and the drain of physical gold from the ETFs and other paper funds sped up significantly last year. That leads to one basic question. Where is it all going? Since 2020, about 1,200 tonnes are unaccounted for, and about 800...
As gold and silver continue their encouraging uptrends, serious trouble is brewing in the bowels of the Treasury market. We've all been wondering where exactly all the money from the reverse repo facility is going, and a partial answer is...
Mr. Slammy strikes again apparently, and maybe he has indeed. On the other hand, gold hit new all time record highs specifically while money supply in the banking system continues to deflate at a record pace as well.
The national debt just ballooned another $100 billion in 6 days, just like the creation of the world.
It's getting close to pandemonium in the Middle East as the United States has just bombed Syria "in self defense" of its armed forces, which happen to be stationed in Syria for entirely peaceful reasons.
As the world teeters on the edge of all out war, gold and Treasuries head in opposite directions. Gold and silver break out, and the bond market breaks down.

Due primarily to the California Gold Rush, San Francisco’s population exploded from 1,000 to 100,000 in only two years.

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