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New Highs Past $2,200, but the Gold Rally Hasn’t Even Started Yet

March 25, 2024

Gold has past $2,200 and silver is starting to catch up a bit, but this has been a commodity rally across the board, not specifically a gold or silver rally. That is yet to come. For an idea of what it would look like, check out the cocoa market, which is locked in deep backwardation and a worsening short squeeze for producers, kind of like what happened in nickel back in 2022.

Meanwhile, the Yen is toast and will continue to fall as the Bank of Japan hikes interest rates rates. Yes, that is correct, it will fall as rates rise, which is what happens at the end of a fiat system. Other things happen, too, and many of those things are not pleasant. But some of them are. Good luck out there.

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