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Ramin Kondori

Ramin Kondori

Ramin Kondori is a recognized Markets Technical Analyst from Iran. He is an IUT graduate in Civil Engineering and holds PG-Diploma in Welding Engineering. Since 1993, his fascination with gold and stock markets has led him to undertaking intensive studies and trading, parallel to his engineering business in the oil and gas industry. He also manages separately managed accounts for individual clients and is dedicated to helping investors boost their investment performance. Being a Quality Management professional, he has adopted a set of his own Investment Quality Assurance And Control Principles, which have proved to perform satisfactory results in the extremely risky financial markets of Iran.

Ramin Kondori Articles

In my previous article on I argued that the gold’s bear market may still be in effect and how this idea could have helped us to set up our investing & trading plan. Since the Election Day, gold has come a long way in a...
What happened during the course of US elections sent a very clear message for analysts around the world: Technical analysis might be the most reliable tool for understanding market behavior. 2016 US election was one of the most...

One ounce of gold is so ductile it can be drawn into a wire 50 miles long

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