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The causes for cataclysmic PE revaluations were discussed in the January 3, 2016 article. The same article supports the argument why any future money-printing would not pump up equity prices but, rather, merely skyrocket gold to my decade-...
The revaluations of price/earnings multiples will have been triggered by the long-term trend reversal in interest rates. This could have cataclysmic effects, given the unusual nature of today's environment, as outlined hereunder.
The artificial growth of the U.S. economy this year was made possible by the greatest inventory build-up in history, with many analysts even doubting the figures that cite growth in the first place. I am far from the first to have...
March 24, 2010 GOLD 1500's first part presents my technical analysis, while the second pertains to basic, as well as less basic fundamental and political considerations.

In 1792 the U.S. Congress adopted a bimetallic standard (gold and silver) for the new nation's currency - with gold valued at $19.30 per troy ounce

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