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Stefan Gleason

President of Money Metals Exchange

Stefan GleasonStefan Gleason is President of Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals dealer with over 30,000 customers. A graduate of the University of Florida, Gleason is a seasoned business leader, investor, political strategist, and grassroots activist. Gleason has frequently appeared on national television networks such as CNN, FoxNews, and CNBC, and his writings have appeared in hundreds of publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Detroit News, Washington Times, and National Review. You can reach Stefan at: [email protected].


Stefan Gleason Articles

Wall Street is ecstatic after the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) hit 40,000 for the first time ever. The nominal record makes for plenty of pithy headlines.
Last week, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) introduced the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act (HR 8421). The bill would do exactly as its title suggests: abolish the Fed.
Let’s give credit where credit is due. Facing down a record-high budget deficit and an entrenched inflation problem, the government is finally embracing fiscal responsibility in a significant way.
Miners spend billions of dollars every year pulling precious metals out of the ground. They toil mightily for years on end to produce these stores of value – but then they turn right around and sell all their gold and silver immediately in...
The much anticipated (and to some, much dreaded) rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is now official. Last week, both candidates locked up enough delegates to secure their respective parties’ nominations for President.
The mainstream financial media is reporting that inflation is coming down. It’s not coming down to the Federal Reserve’s supposed 2% target – let alone low enough to cease being a persistent problem for millions of families. Nor is it even...
The Federal Reserve’s most recent policy statement came with a curious omission. Fed officials removed language from previous statements that proclaimed “the U.S. banking system is sound and resilient.”
In a compelling episode of "Commodity Culture" hosted by Jesse Day, Stefan Gleason, CEO of Money Metals Exchange and chairman of the Sound Money Defense League, provided an insightful overview of the initiatives aimed at reinstating gold...
The gold market is poised to make history in 2024. It enters the New Year within striking distance of new all-time highs. How high will gold go? Much depends on how low interest rates and the U.S. dollar go.
Savvy investors are always on the lookout for the next big thing – a dominant theme that drives headlines and creates profit opportunities in markets. The problem is that by the time everyone is talking about it, it’s often too late to...

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