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Stewart Thomson

President of Graceland Investment Management

Stewart Thomson is president of Graceland Investment Management (Cayman) Ltd. Stewart was a very good English literature student, which helped him develop a unique way of communicating his investment ideas.  He developed the “PGEN”, which is a unique capital allocation program. It is designed to allow investors of any size to mimic the action of the banks.  Stewart owns GU Trader, which is a unique gold futures/ETF trading service, which closes out all trades by 5pm each day. High net worth individuals around the world follow Stewart on a daily basis.  Website:

Stewart Thomson Articles

The gold price action continues to look spectacular, as the rally gains both technical and fundamental momentum. This is the beautiful daily gold chart. Gold has staged a majestic upside breakout, as I predicted it would, from an...
The good news for gold continues to flow like water pouring over Niagara Falls. The SPDR gold fund has seen strong tonnage inflows in 2016…with the fund now holding 777 tons of gold. The buy-side fun isn’t limited to gold bars. In...
All lights for gold are green. And rather than beginning a correction, gold may be poised to intensify its rally. Investors with widely differing views on gold all seem to be pressing their buy buttons at the same time.
Led by oil, the world’s risk-on assets are beginning what could be a fairly significant bear market rally. Bear market rallies tend to be quite violent. They often end very quickly, without warning.
Gold has stunned most of the world’s analysts with a major rally after Janet Yellen hiked rates. The citizens of China also appear to have greatly increased their buying. In the past few days, instead of waning, this rally has...
Gold and Japanese fiat are unlikely friends. During economic crisis, money managers treat both gold and the yen as safe havens. Top FOREX traders use the action of the dollar against the yen for cues to place bets on gold against the...
The gold price rally is accelerating. That’s the four hour bars gold chart, and the price action is solid. Gold has broken out to the upside, from a second inverse head and shoulders bottom pattern. After a sharp pullback to the $1100 - $...
As the third trading week of 2016 gets underway, gold continues to trade with great stability, regardless of whether global economic news appears to be good or bad.
At the end of the year, I always urge investors to stand aside from the US stock market. That’s because major money managers tend to move large amounts of liquidity during the first week of January, setting the tone for the year.
The US dollar has begun 2016 by staging a horrific technical meltdown against the Japanese Yen.

Minting of gold in the U.S. stopped in 1933, during the Great Depression.

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