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Stewart Thomson

President of Graceland Investment Management

Stewart Thomson is president of Graceland Investment Management (Cayman) Ltd. Stewart was a very good English literature student, which helped him develop a unique way of communicating his investment ideas.  He developed the “PGEN”, which is a unique capital allocation program. It is designed to allow investors of any size to mimic the action of the banks.  Stewart owns GU Trader, which is a unique gold futures/ETF trading service, which closes out all trades by 5pm each day. High net worth individuals around the world follow Stewart on a daily basis.  Website:

Stewart Thomson Articles

At the end of the year, I always urge investors to stand aside from the US stock market. That’s because major money managers tend to move large amounts of liquidity during the first week of January, setting the tone for the year.
The US dollar has begun 2016 by staging a horrific technical meltdown against the Japanese Yen.
The year of 2016 looks very good for gold and related assets for a veritable myriad of reasons. First, while gold bullion recently traded below its summer low, about 75% of GDX component stocks are trading higher. That’s a classic...
Tomorrow’s FOMC announcement is arguably the most important Fed event of the past 35 years. It’s a defining moment in Janet Yellen’s career, and so I’ve dubbed it as… “J-Day”! The bottom line: Janet Yellen is going to attempt to raise...
When times change, champions change with the times. To survive in the West’s new era of long-term slow growth, business owners have essentially had to reinvent themselves. Their mantra is adapt or die.
The news is out, and the news is good; the IMF has decided to include the yuan in its SDR virtual currency basket. Donald Trump and other “protectionists” have argued that the yuan is undervalued against the dollar. In contrast, I’ve...
The case for gold ownership is not any weaker or stronger now, than it was a thousand years ago. Gold is the world’s ultimate asset, and that’s irrespective of whether the price is currently rising or falling.
I’ve talked at length about the relationship between US money supply velocity and interest rates…and done so in a positive way. A modest rise in nominal interest rates encourages banks to make loans, and it makes those loans profitable....
In the short-term, gold and related items have a rough general tendency to decline into the US jobs report…and then to rally in the days (and weeks in some cases) following the release of that report.
Gold is the world’s ultimate asset. So, even when nothing important is occurring in the market, investors can experience “ultimate greed” or “ultimate fear”. Because the quality of the asset is so high, it’s crucial that investors are...

In 1792 the U.S. Congress adopted a bimetallic standard (gold and silver) for the new nation's currency - with gold valued at $19.30 per troy ounce

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