Surf City

Surf City is a pseudonym for a 60-year-old retired Information Technology Executive and Software start-up Entrepreneur living near the beach in California.   He has been an active investor and trader since the mid-1980s. Analytical by nature, his sound investments over the years allowed him to retire at a relatively early age of 55. In addition to the standard Technical Analysis tools of Edwards and Magee, Surf is a disciple of Walter Bressert’s Cycle Methodology and Stan Weinstein’s Stage 4 Market analysis.  Surf combines these skills to develop his unique “Cycle Price Channels.”  Some call them “Surf’s ForkCycles.

Surf City Articles

NOTHING is certain or guaranteed in Markets….ever.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a charlatan. That said, within Bressert’s Cycle framework the norm is that a new Intermediate Cycle in any asset should test or breach the Intermediate...
Just a quick update on the USD and Gold.  Today’s move by the USD finally seemed to put a pause in the relentless uptrend by Gold and the Miners.  I have the USD on day 6 now in what is very clearly a new short term Trading Cycle.
If you are going to trade the commodity sector, you had best follow the USD, which is why I do.  If I am correct that the USD’s longer 15 Year Super Cycle is toping in 2017, then the CRB will be a fun sector where we will focus.
We are still waiting patiently for another possible nibble at some miner positions.  In the meantime, what is the XAU:Gold ratio…and why is it important?
Did gold find a Trading Cycle Low last Friday?  Perhaps. Silver was definitely leading the way as it often does at bottoms.  But silver also delivers many head-fakes and with the USD is due for a new Trading Cycle bounce, gold will likely...


Gold has been discovered on every continent on earth.