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Lawrence Lepard joins the show to give his opinion on how dire the situation will be going into 2023. Furthermore, we talk about the UK economy spiraling out of control, the energy crisis, and more.
Dave Kranzler joins the show to talk about the recent events of the British pound collapsing to a record low against the US dollar. Furthermore, we talk about yesterday's prices spike in Gold and Silver, Virgin Money temporarily...
Willem Middelkoop joins us to discuss the possibility of another 20-30% drop in the stock market. We also talk about the energy crisis happening in Euro and how this will affect its economy. Furthermore, we talk about Physical silver, The...
Peter Krauth joins us today to discuss the possibility of another 20-30% drop in the stock market. Furthermore, we discuss a digital currency replacing the US dollar, BRICS nations, the Europe energy crisis, Gold and Silver, and more.
Adam Taggart from Wealthion and the Economic Ninja join the show to discuss interest rates, the car repo crisis, precious metals, the Housing Market, Layoffs across the US, and more!
Steve Penny, The Silver Chartist, returns to the show to talk about his latest prediction on the Silver price. Furthermore, we talk about a critical breakout in the Nominal yield on the 10-year Treasury, Rate Hikes, US National debt, and...
Brien Lundin Joins the show to talk about how the costs of servicing the federal debt have already soared to record levels. He explains how this will become a dominant market theme over the following months and how this will affect the...
Andy Schectman & The Economic Ninja return to the show to discuss The One Belt Project and how it ties into the beginning of de-dollarization.
We sit down with Rick Rule to discuss the Precious Metals market outlook. We also ask him to give his thoughts on the Central Banks around the world, Uranium, Private placements, and more.
Adrian Day, the founder of Adrian Day Asset Management, joins the show to discuss the outlook for the silver and gold markets. We also discuss The Fed's plan to shrink its balance sheet, the Stock Market, and more.

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