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Lynette Zang joins us today to explain how the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will worsen everything. Furthermore, we talk about the Feds balance sheet and whether or not a fed pivot will make the price of Gold and Silver go higher.
Adam Taggart from Wealthion joins the show to talk about when we can expect the fed to pivot and what this would mean for the Gold & Silver Market. We also discuss the latest unemployment news, rate hikes, and more.
Rich Checkan joins us today to discuss Stagflation, Gold & Silver price, market manipulation, and more!
Today, Gary Wagner joined us to discuss Gold & Silver price targets. We also discuss the U.S. dollar and how it hasn't been this strong against the euro in 20 years, the potential Fed pivoting soon & more.
John Feneck from Feneck Consulting joins us today to give his opinion on the Silver, Gold, Palladium, and other mining stock markets.
We invited Rick Rule back on the show to give his thoughts on the latest news about the JP Morgan criminal trials and how this will affect the markets. We also discuss Silver and Gold price predictions, the Fed's next move, and more.
Peter Boockvar explains why he believes the Fed Pause will be crucial for precious metals. Furthermore, we discuss the latest Gold and Silver price rally, the euro crisis, the Philly manufacturing index, and more.
Patrick Karim discusses the latest in the gold and silver charts. He also explains how precious metals perform in a recession and what we must pay attention to in the upcoming months.
Dave Kranzler returns to the show to talk about the latest economic event and why he believes the fed will go back to printing more money. Furthermore, we talk about the Gold and Silver markets and what he believes will happen next.
We discuss Doomberg's latest article about the Financial crisis, bailouts, crypto crash, and more.

Gold's special properties mean that it has a greater variety of uses than almost any metal.

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