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Tavi Costa joins us to discuss his latest data on the Silver & Gold Markets, other commodities, money velocity, inflation and how his strategy positioned for this market.
Alasdair Macleod joins us to discuss the impact of Russia, Ukraine on commodities, fertilizer, food crops, energy, silver and gold. A wide ranging conversation on everything happening in recent weeks.
Dan Oliver - War leads to unintended consequences. We now have oil, natural gas, wheat, corn, many strategic commodities like nickel, copper, and gold at record highs or nearing records.
Marc Faber discusses the war in Europe which is leading us into energy and food shortages this year. The western countries banning Russia from SWIFT are leading to Russia and other abandoning the US Dollar.
Rick Rule joins us to discuss the impact of the Russia invasion of Ukraine on commodity markets. We discuss Silver, Gold, Uranium, Oil, Natural Gas and the political consequences for the US Dollar.
Craig Hemke joins us to discuss Russia, Ukraine, De-Dollarization and how this is all affecting Silver & Gold right now.
Adrian Day joins us to discuss how events are affecting the Gold & Silver markets. Russia and Ukraine, supply disruptions, energy markets. How is an investor to protect themselves in this situation?
Mark Yaxley, from Strategic Wealth Preservation, joins us to discuss what is affecting the Gold & Silver markets right now. The latest news from Russia and Ukraine is yanking the price of Gold & Silver up and down on a daily basis...
History shows that the Fed increasing Fed Funds rates has historically been good for Gold prices. We also discuss the Fed lies supporting the US dollar and US Treasury debts.
Thomas Thornton, founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry, joins us to talk about how many hedge funds are looking at the current market, including his take on silver, gold, Russia, Ukraine, the Fed, Inflation and many other topics.

Seventy-five percent of all gold in circulation has been extracted since 1910

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